Motorcycle Throwback - The 1915 Iver Johnson
Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Motorcycle Throwback - The 1915 Iver Johnson

Though not many were made, the 1915 Iver Johnson was known as ""mechanical perfection.""

Advertised as ""Mechanical Perfection,"" the 1915 Iver Johnson's nickname wasn't all that far off. Over the first twenty years of motorcycle manufacturing, motorcycle designs, models and engines were making vast leaps toward becoming what they are today. And while the Iver Johnson company would only have a brief stint in the motorcycle manufacturing world, the 1915 Iver Johnson got as close as any during its time to mechanical perfection.

Iver Johnson had already had 23 years of experience manufacturing bicycles before they started putting out their motorized versions. But it wasn't until 1907 that the company's first motorcycles started hitting the streets. And with so much competition in the motorcycle industry, Iver Johnson's dabbles in motorcycle manufacturing would come to a halt in 1916 so that the company could focus on their main commodity: firearms.

Before the motorcycle department of the company would close its doors for good, however, the company did manage to put out one very exceptional model. The featured 1915 Iver Johnson definitely lived up to its name as being ""Mechanical Perfection."" These motorcycles were some of the first to run off of a chain-drive, have a hand-operated three-speed gearbox and use dual crankshafts. And to make the motorcycle look just a close to perfection as the engine was, Ivan Johnson made of the machined parts out of nickel-alloy. This gave the bike a clean and bright shine that made it stand apart from many motorcycles being manufactured during that time. Even to this day, these bikes remain extremely sought after collector's items.

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