Product Review - Motorcycle Tuff

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Product Review - Motorcycle Tuff

I live in San Diego for the weather, not for the steep cost of living, and definitely not for the sports teams. Living in a mild coastal climate allows me to commute on a motorcycle year around. However San Diego mornings can still be in the 40's and 50's during the winter and spring months. So when it comes to face and neck protection it is cold, but not cold enough for a full facemask. This leads me to my latest discovery: the Motorcycle TUFF.

What is a TUFF?

Well, I'm glad you asked. A TUFF is the Swiss army knife of head and neck protection. This lightweight wind-resistant material is sewn together into a tube that can be transformed into a bandana, balaclava, helmet liner, headband and more. The Motorcycle TUFF comes in three different colors: white, grey, or black. I prefer the black one.



The TUFF is great on brisk morning rides. For the past two weeks I have been pulling it over my ears, neck and mouth in the morning and it has significantly cut down on the chills. It also does an amazing job of reducing wind noise when it is pulled up over the ears. I typically use ear plugs or ear buds when I am riding, but using the TUFF has eliminated the need for either. To my surprise, once the weather warms up I still leave the TUFF on but, instead, I pull it down and use it just as a neck covering. If you have ever had the joyous experience of being sand-blasted in the throat or going through a swarm of bees at 70mph, like I have, you will appreciate the extra neck covering.


Selling for $9.99 the Motorcycle TUFF is most affordable way to mitigate those cold morning rides. Plus you can pull it up over your head and hide that stylish helmet hair, all while representing your favorite motorcycle parts retailer. I bought one and have not been disappointed.

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