Product Review - Bully Lock Li'L Bully Lock

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Product Review - Bully Lock Li'L Bully Lock

How secure is your bike?

I recently moved to a condo that has nothing more than a carport to shelter my motorcycle. In the past I have always had a garage door to keep prying, motorcycle thieving, eyes from seeing my ride. According to Lojack more than 5 motorcycles are stolen every hour in the U.S. with California being the highest percentage of that. In order prevent myself from becoming another statistic of the golden state, I decided to take defensive measures. I bought a thick cable with a heavy duty padlock so that I can now cable my motorcycle frame to a steel pole. I also use a bike cover, not only to keep the weather out, but as deterrent. As the saying goes: "Out of sight, out of mind," and you definitely want your bike out of a potential criminals mind. But even those don't keep me from being a little paranoid about my pride and joy's safety. The third defense tool I picked up was the Li'L Bully Lock disc brake lock.

What is it?

Bully Lock's Li'L Bully Lock is a specially heated alloy steel lock that clamps onto a motorcycle brake disc to prevent a thief from rolling your motorcycle away. The Bully Lock comes with three sets of keys and a little pouch. One of the keys even comes with a light built into it, which I find very convenient for night time operation.

How secure is it?

This disc lock is a heavy duty chunk of steel. I grew up doing metal fabrication and I honestly don't see any way to get a set of bolt cutters or grinder near the pin to remove it. The keys have a non-standard cut to them and it would appear, although I am not a locksmith, that this would make them more difficult to pick. This lock will not prevent someone from picking up your bike and taking it away, therefore I always use it in tandem with a cable lock. However when I am out and about it is easy to take the Li'L Bully Lock with me if I am going to leave my bike for an extended period of time. If anything, a bright orange lock on the disc is a great intimidation factor to keep thieves from thinking messing with my ride is going to be easy.


At $19.76 - $21.56, depending on the pin size, the Bully Lock's Li'L Bully Lock is definitely not going to break the bank. And in any case, knowing that your prized possession is secure is worth a heck of a lot. With the options of a bright orange, great for letting dishonest people know they would have a challenge, or a sleek chrome that won't mess with the aesthetics of your bike, the Li'L Bully Lock is well worth the money.

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