Product Review - Engine Ice
Thursday, August 25, 2011

Product Review - Engine Ice

We got tired of having to mix our engine coolants and while still only getting mediocre results. So we went on the hunt for a premixed and effective coolant and came across Engine Ice. Immediately, we were drawn in by the words �ready to use" stamped right on the front label and decided to give it a shot.


We must say, it was fantastic being able to just pour in some Engine Ice and go. No hassle of having to measure out the right mixture of coolant and water while still managing to keep most of the fluid off the floor. Having a premixed coolant seems like common sense, so why aren't all coolants doing this?

But does it work well? Sure, cutting some mess and time out of having to fill up your coolant is a perk, but not if the coolant doesn't actually cool. We were pleased when we realized that Engine Ice Coolant does indeed do its job; it's great at keeping the engine like the arctic even when you're running your bike hard. The manufacturer actually boasts that this stuff can reduce your temps by up to fifty degrees and, while we were skeptical at first, we don't doubt that now.

As if those two things weren't enough, Engine Ice made their coolant biodegradable. You may not be a hemp-wearing tree-hugger who cares much if your fluids are earth friendly, but you just can't deny that the idea of not having to take your coolant to a special recycling shop is a favorable thought.


Our only disappointment with the Engine Ice Coolant was the price tag. sells it at the lowest price of $21.56, which is still a few bucks more than most other coolants. But then again, when we really thought about what were getting for our money, we don't mind spending a few more $1's for the hassles and effective blue coolant. In fact, we would probably be willing to drop a few more for it, but don't tell Engine Ice that.

Would we buy it?

You bet. From here on out, we'll only be running Engine Ice in our machines (or at least until someone comes out with one that even pours itself into our engines too). We just can't argue with something that helps our bikes perform better while making our maintenance chores just a little bit easier. Plus it's a pretty awesome color.

Be sure to grab a bottle at!

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