Product Review - JT T-Shirt

Friday, September 9, 2011

Product Review - JT T-Shirt

When JT Racing stepped back into the picture this year, we were both ecstatic and shocked that they had somehow kept everything we always loved about JT Racing but had included some of the best advancements in riding gear technology. We especially loved the JT Racing Pro-Tour Motorcycle Jersey. But when we aren't riding, we still would love to rep the comeback of one of our favorite gear manufacturers, especially after their nearly twenty year absence. So we picked up one of their JT Racing 3D Short Sleeve T-shirts for those dreaded moments that we can't be riding. Of course, we had to have something to say about it.


Opening up the bag that the JT Racing 3D Short Sleeve T-shirt came in was just like Christmas morning when we were ten and got our first motorcycle. Of course that bike had to be accompanied by the best JT Racing gear that we never wanted to take off. This t-shirt has the throwback logo that brings it all back. The only thing better than sporting this tee is having an original from the 80's.


The downside is the price tag. It is a little spendy for a t-shirt. But honestly. You can't put a price on nostalgia.

Would we buy it?

Of course. We're huge fans of wearing brand gear when we're not riding. After all, we are all riders even off of our bikes. Plus we'd also like it in more colors. Our friends might start to wonder when we wear the same white tee everyday.

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      Friday, September 9, 2011 2:58:45 PM
      Jeff Stallman said:

love jt racing stuff



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