Product Review - BikeMaster Tool Kit 17-Piece Set

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Product Review - BikeMaster Tool Kit 17-Piece Set

Buying tools can be a bit overwhelming for the first time. Screwdrivers, wrenches and everything in between are all necessary for even the smallest of motorcycle maintenance tasks. But where do you start? The BikeMaster Tool Kit 17-Piece Set looks to be a great starter set or perfect for a rider on the move. We got our hands on one and put it to the test.

Pro's: The first thing that we liked about the BikeMaster Tool Kit 17-Piece Set was how many essential tools it contained in such a small amount of space. With open ended wrenches from 11 to 17mm, a 10mm combination wrench, a 6" adjustable wrench, a 3/8" drive ratchet wrench, locking pliers and a 6 in 1 screwdriver, it has just about any tool you would need to fix or tinker.

As an added bonus, the set also comes with a lot of tools that you wouldn't think were necessary till you need them. It has a pen type tire gauge, 5 cable ties, electrical wire and tape, a 10 piece metric hex key set as well as a flashlight and 21 & 18mm spark plug socket and spark plug gap gauges.

But the greatest part about it all way that it was so neatly organized and kept together by the carrying case. Made of a tough textile material, you won't be afraid of getting it dirty or actually using it. Plus all the pockets keep all the tools where they should be. Plus all 17 pieces as well as the case only cost $58.70.

Con's: The only cons came about when we got down to needing half sizes of wrenches. Sure, you can use the adjustable ones, but it's just kind of annoying to go through all of your wrenches to find the right one and realize it isn't there. Other than that, the screwdriver's long handle is great for getting into long narrow places but limits its ability to get into smaller, more cluttered places. Other than that, we have yet to find any real issues.

The Bottom Line: We'd definitely recommend the BikeMaster Tool Kit 17-Piece Set. It's a great selection of tools for the price and the case keeps them all neatly packed so that they won't clutter your workspace and you can take them with you while you ride either in your saddlebags or in your gear bag. And with the BikeMaster name, you know these tools won't give out on you when you need them most.

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