Product Review - The Motion Pro Gear Jammer
Thursday, May 19, 2011

Product Review - The Motion Pro Gear Jammer

The Motion Pro Gear Jammer can really come in handy when trying to remove nuts on engine shafts.

There can be nothing more annoying than trying to remove or tighten a nut from any of the shafts of your engine. It can literally drive you nuts. Trying to just treat those nuts like all the rest and attempting to remove them like you would normally will only end up rotating the shaft and turning the engine through its strokes. Many people have invented random ways of trying to eliminate this problem such as by jamming gears with a penny or a screw driver. This method definitely isn't recommended and will usually just end up damaging the gears and further frustrating you. In order to cut down on the hair pulling that happens when trying to remove nuts from engine shafts, Motion Pro came out with their Gear Jammer.


Motion Pro's Gear Jammer is a handy little tool that has a powerful magnet that allows it to be placed between gear teeth to prevent them from moving while you remove or tighten the nuts. We love that this lets us tighten nuts to the specific torque that they require without much hassle and it is easy to remove and install. Plus the tool is easy to store and doesn't take up much space.


We found three main con's with Motion Pro's Gear Jammer. Because the tool is aluminum, it does have a max torque for tightening nuts. Luckily, we haven't really had a need to go to a torque any higher than the max and haven't encountered any problems with it. Secondly, the tool shouldn't be used with air tools. The main problem with the gear jammer is that you may need to buy a new engine cover gasket if you'll be using it to remove most engine shaft nuts. So make sure you get a new gasket before taking off any additional covers.

Would we buy it?

At an extremely reasonable price at BikeBandit's Motion Pro Gear Jammer page, there's really no reason not to pick up one of these. These little guys can really cut out some serious frustration when it comes to working on your engine and keep tinkering fun rather than annoying.

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