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Product Review - Bully Lock Li'L Bully Lock

I recently moved to a condo that has nothing more than a carport to shelter my motorcycle. In the past I have always had a garage door to keep prying, motorcycle...Read more.

Product Review - Motorcycle Tuff

I live in San Diego for the weather, not for the steep cost of living, and definitely not for the sports teams. Living in a mild coastal climate allows me to commute on a...Read more.

Product Review - Cycle Case Compact GPS Tank Bag

I commute to work on a motorcycle Monday through Friday. If you are anything like me you bring a handful of belongings with you when riding. I take my keys, wallet, phone...Read more.

Product Review - Arai XD'4 Explore Solid Dual Motorcycle Helmet

There are those moments at work that feel like Christmas morning when you were five years old. Most of those moments occur when we get a new product on our desks to review. The newest one?...Read more.

Product Review - PJ1 Cable Lube & Motion Pro Cable Luber

First thing I knew I had to do after buying my bike, lube up the clutch and brake cables. (Something tells me they hadn't been attended to since 1980 when the bike was actually...Read more.

Product Review - BikeMaster Tool Kit 17-Piece Set

Buying tools can be a bit overwhelming for the first time. Screwdrivers, wrenches and everything in between are all necessary for even the smallest of motorcycle maintenance...Read more.

Product Review - One Industries Gamma Positron Motorcycle Helmet

When you're out tearing up the track or digging into the dunes, the last thing you want to have to worry about is how well your helmet is going to perform. So we tend to lean...Read more.

Product Review - BikeMaster Maintenance Free VRLA Battery

When it comes to batteries these days, you don't exactly have a shortage of options. But how hard can it be to find a battery that gets the job done? Apparently pretty hard. With six...Read more.

Product Review - KBC Helmets

It's the time old question of what is too much to spend on a motorcycle helmet. You could just drop $70 and ride with a DOT approved helmet that comes with the bare essentials...Read more.

Product Review - Scorpion EXO Women's Empress Motorcycle Jacket

The simple fact of the matter is that it's a whole lot harder to find good women's motorcycle gear. First reason: there's just less of it. Motorcycle riding started out as a man's sport...Read more.

Product Review - JT T-Shirt

When JT Racing stepped back into the picture this year, we were both ecstatic and shocked that they had somehow kept everything we always loved about JT Racing but had included...Read more.

Product Review - Engine Ice

We got tired of having to mix our engine coolants and while still only getting mediocre results. So we went on the hunt for a premixed and effective coolant and came across...Read more.

Product Review - Aplinestars Tech 3 Motorcycle Boots

Buying boots can be a bit of a huge project to tackle. What's too expensive? What's too cheap? And what gives you just the right amount of protection while still being comfortable...Read more.

Product Review - JT Racing Pro-Tour Motorcycle Jersey

We were hit by a rain storm a few days ago, and while that may not seem like a big deal to the states that get summer storms, Southern California hardly gets rain even in the winter. So rain...Read more.

Product Review - The BikeMaster Heavy-Duty Chain Breaker & Rivet Tool

Part of being a true motorcycle enthusiast is doing your own maintenance, which means checking, cleaning and replacing your chain. But what tool is the right tool? The BikeMaster Chain Breaker and...Read more.

Product Review - The AFX FX-39

"A good yet affordable helmet" has been a phrase comparable to "a good time at the DMV." Sure, it could happen, but it's super rare. Still, AFX promises that this is exactly what their FX-39...Read more.

Product Review - The Garmin zumo 660

The days of maps are long gone. And thank goodness, because we all know how inconvenient it was to try and carry one of those around. Now we've all got gadgets that let us keep track of every minute of our... Read more.

Product Review - The Battery Charger

Finding the right battery charger can be a pain. From trickle chargers to automatic chargers and from massive to tiny, you've got a plethora of options to choose from. But has... Read more.

Product Review - Pro Taper Pillow Grips

Where your hands meet the handlebars is a huge point of control for any rider. And since it's so very important to have a good connection with your bike when riding motocross, you know... Read more.

Product Review - Tour Master Adventure-Gel Motorcycle Glove

We've all heard the saying "dress for the crash." As avid believers that safety should always be a concern when buying motorcycle gear, it's something that we definitely keep in mind... Read more.

Product Review - The Motion Pro Gear Jammer

There can be nothing more annoying than trying to remove or tighten a nut from any of the shafts of your engine. It can literally drive you nuts. Trying to just treat those... Read more.

Product Review - The BikeBandit Fast Funnel

Motorcycles tend to have quite a bit of fluids running through their intricate insides and changing those chemicals out is a vital part of motorcycle maintenance. But these fluids... Read more.

Product Review - The Fly Terra Trek Jacket

We were a bit surprised when Fly told us they were releasing a street motorcycle jacket line. After all, Fly made apparel that typically was more geared towards off-road riding. And... Read more.

Product Review - Powerstands Max Rear Lift Stand

Motorcycles mean maintenance and we're the kind of riders who like to tinker on our tanks all on our own. Which means we want our tools to help us, not hinder us, when it comes time... Read more.

Product Spotlight - Michelin Tires

The tires you put on your motorcycle can have a huge effect on how your bike rides, so we know that you don't want to put low quality rubber on your wheels. Luckily, it's easy to find... Read more.