Red Bull Romaniacs: Amazing Onboard Footage

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>> Aaron Cortez

February 3rd, 2014 - San Diego, CA

Red Bull Romaniacs - The Craziest Enduro Course You've Ever Seen!

You've gotta see this footage of factory KTM rider Jonny Walker blasting through this impossible looking obstacle course. You won't believe your eyes!

Get ready to see some riding you will not believe, in this onboard video footage of star British KTM rider Jonny Walker blasting through an impossible looking obstacle course on his factory KTM enduro bike. This footage is from the Prologue of the Red Bull Romaniacs competition, a grueling four-day long off-road rally race that is more a battle against the extreme terrain than against other riders (Romaniacs is known to be so difficult that simply finishing the race is a notable accomplishment.)

The Romaniacs Prologue seen here is an exhibition event to kick off the event, a race around a man-made track built right in the center of its idyllic home town of Sibiu, Romania, densely packed with obstacles so challenging its a miracle riders manage to get through them at all (and many do not.) This event is the most exciting for spectators, as all the action takes place within only a few feet of the fans, and riders get the chance to show their skills in front of cheering cheering and media cameras.

But as you'll see, not all the riders look like they're enjoying the spotlight; the course is so difficult that riders get jammed up all over it, and better riders have no choice but to go around - or over - the stragglers. This video is a must see for anyone interested in any two-wheeled motorsport! You won't believe your eyes.

More Amazing Photos...

red bull romaniacs 2013

red bull romaniacs 2013

red bull romaniacs 2013

red bull romaniacs 2013

red bull romaniacs 2013

What do you think - would you have the guts to take on this beast of a course? Talk about it in the comments below!

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