The Joys of Learning to Ride - Falling Over
Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Joys of Learning to Ride - Falling Over

If someone could please just carry a mattress next to me at all times while I ride, that would be great.

If you haven't caught on already, my biggest fear in learning how to ride a motorcycle is falling over. Whether this fear is actually legitimate or not, it's the main thing that has kept me from learning to ride (other than my very protective father and his motorcycle stories). Sure, there are more dangerous things when it comes to motorcycles than simply tipping over, but I feel like I can do things to both prepare and avoid them such as making myself as visible as possible (not that a chick riding a Harley isn't already fairly noticeable). I can't, however, avoid being a newb and not knowing how to keep my bike upright.

Second half of the fear: getting my bike back to being upright after it falls over. I'm not a big girl. And a Harley isn't exactly going to be the lightest bike. If I do tip over, I really don't want to be that damsel in distress who needs someone to come along and help her get her bike back to the standing position. Talk about mortifying.

After googling "falling over on a motorcycle," it seems that it's both a common fear and a common occurrence. Not reassuring in the least. I was hoping that Google would tell me that no one EVER falls over. Talk about high hopes. So falling over could happen. It DOES happen. Can I avoid this occurrence?

I've decided to take my riding course at the Harley-Davidson dealership in order to try and learn how to stay on specifically a Harley. I feel like learning how to ride on a Kawasaki will be a lot different than on a Harley and I really don't want to be trying to ride out of the dealership after buying my new XR1200X and just fall over. Once again, this may not actually be a legitimate fear but it's a mental image that I would like to never actually manifest in reality.

I've read blog and forum posts written by riders who seem to have avoided falling or crashing at any point in their riding history. If any of these riders really do exist, first of all, give yourself a pat on the back. Secondly, please tell me the secret to your success.

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      Monday, June 6, 2011 2:07:16 PM
      Harley Helm said:

I've been riding for about 6 years. During the first year, I 'dropped' my bike twice. It was a 1992 Honda CB750. It was light enough that I could back up to it from the side and lift it back up with effort. I took the ABATE safety course, and it really helped me have a safer, more stable riding ability. Have a safe and enjoyable ride!



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