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Buyer's Guide

Motorcycles are complicated machines. And with so many things, both little and big, to tinker with, change and replace, it can be hard to know what exactly to do it with. Let's Buyer's Guides help you to know what to buy and where to find it so that you can get back to doing what you really love: riding. Read more.

Project Guides

Here at, we love to work on our own motorcycles. Sure, you can take your ride to a shop and have some stranger get his fingers all over your baby. But why not just save time and money and do all of your tuning and maintenance yourself? These project guides will help you learn all about the best ways to tune and maintain your bike with ease. Read more.

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ATV and UTV Tire Buyer's Guide

All Terrain Vehicles, most commonly referred to as ATV's, and Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTV's) are some of the most versatile vehicles. For this reason, they seem to be growing rapidly in popularity. People with scenic ADD find that they can get their fill of different terrains and riding... Read more.

Bandit's Tour Rider Essentials

Going touring can be an amazingly good time but packing for a touring trip can be pretty nerve wracking. You never know if you're packing enough stuff, if you've packed too much or if you've left something really important out. And since a lot of touring roads are far from... Read more.

The Buyer's Guide to Aftermarket Motorcycle Seats

If you are like most motorcyclists, you ride because it's fun. Your seat should enhance both the look of your bike and the feel of your ride. The type of seat you purchase usually depends on the type of riding you do or a certain look you are trying to achieve... Read more.

The Buyer's Guide to Moto Gifts

There are plenty of excuses to pamper your favorite motorcycle rider all year round. But you can only give your friends and family so many motorcycle jackets before you need some new ideas. And while is full of great things to give as gifts... Read more.

The Buyer's Guide to Motorcycle Tools

Half of the fun of owning a motorcycle is tinkering. Learning the tricks of the trade and how your motorcycle runs makes riding all the more satisfying. And while forums and friends can give you decent advice on the many intricacies of tuning and tweaking... Read more.

The Buyer's Guide to Motorcycle Windshields

Motorcycle windshields never win first place in the Coolest Looking Motorcycle Accessory category. But there's a reason why they have become one of the most requested motorcycle accessories nationwide. Riders consistently find themselves wishing that they... Read more.

The Casual Wear Buyer's Guide

If you're like us, you're a motorcycle rider even when you aren't on your motorcycle. But we know how uncomfortable motorcycle gear can be when you're not riding, which is why we offer a large selection of casual clothes for when you're off of your bike... Read more.

Changing a Chain with a Motion Pro Chain Breaker and Riveting Tool

Motorcycle chains can seem to be a bit of an enigma when it comes to motorcycle maintenance. Sure, we all know that our rides need them to run properly, but the idea of knowing when and how to change it all out drives most motorcycle riders to run straight... Read more.

Changing your Motorcycle's Oil

A well oiled engine is a happy engine. Just as with cars, a motorcycle engine will fail miserably if its oil is not changed regularly. The typical standard for changing it is usually after 5,000 miles but check your owner's manual in case your model varie... Read more.

The Dual Sport Tire Buyer's Guide

Buying tires just strictly for street riding or for off-road riding can be complicated enough without putting the two together. But both are just so darn fun! So it's understandable that you would want a motorcycle that could do both. And sure, you could... Read more.

The Goggle Buyer's Guide

Being able to see while riding on a motorcycle is pretty important. And while you always want to dress for the crash, having a good pair of goggles will help you avoid a crash due to lack of visibility. With any kind of riding, your eyes are going to have a lot of enemies... Read more.

The Guide to Motorcycle Gloves

We often take our hands for granted. It sometimes takes breaking a finger or even getting a really annoying paper cut to remind us of how much we actually use our hands and how much hurting them can be a pain in the- wrist. So while we all instantly think "hel... Read more.

The Guide to Street Motorcycle Jackets

Motorcycle jackets have a lot more functionality than just a regular jacket. You may be thinking that you'll save a few bucks and wear your favorite fleece zip-up but a regular jacket is missing a lot of little details that you'll need while on any motorc... Read more.

The Guide to Off-road Motorcycle Jackets

If you ride off-road, you probably already know that street motorcycle jackets have little use when you venture off the asphalt. An off-road motorcycle jacket is made to have special perks and properties that make it perfect for adventuring past the pavemen... Read more.

The Guide to Winter Riding

You may not have noticed, but the temperature has started to drop. And while sunny San Diego can't really be said to get "cold" like most of the rest of the U.S., we still notice our teeth chatter when we ride to work in the morning. Of course, you could pack... Read more.

How to: Change your handlebars

Riding should be fun. So if you find that your back, neck, wrists or, well, anything is making you reach for a bottle of Aleve when you slide off the seat after a ride, you might have to consider that your handlebars aren't the best fit for you. When you buy... Read more.

How To: Change your motorcycle tires

We've written plenty on motorcycle tire maintenance from Inspecting and Maintaining your Street Motorcycle Tires to The Off-road Motorcycle Tire Buyer's Guide and even The Scooter Tire Guide. But no matter how well you care for those tires, there comes a time... Read more.

How to: Clean and Maintain Motorcycle Air Filters

In order to work properly, a combustion engine needs air to fuel its fire. Literally. But any person with allergies will tell you that the air is packed with things that can make it difficult to breath. And just as we have our own little filter system to... Read more.

How to: Clean Out or Rebuild your Motorcycle's Carburetor

Carburetors come in all different sizes and shapes but they all have a very important role in the mechanics of a motorcycle engine. Once gasoline enters your bike, it passes through the carburetor which infuses it with air in order to turn it into a fine mist... Read more.

How to: Clean Your Motorcycle

With the extreme cultural movement that motorcycles have become, enthusiasts everywhere realize that motorcycles are no longer just a means of transportation or sport but that they are also a tribute to a person's character. Each person's bike says someth... Read more.

How to: Install and Replace a Motorcycle's Fuel Filter

One day, we'll probably all ride around on electric motorcycles. Until then, motorcycles require a bit of maintenance fueled by their need for gasoline. In order to propel you forward at those speeds that you love so much, your motorcycle's engine needs to perform a fairly... Read more.

How to: Install a New Motorcycle Exhaust System

You've got some bite, so you want your motorcycle's bark to match. The best way to turn your motorcycle from sounding like a kitten to a pit bull is by throwing on some new pipes. Plus those pieces can really change up the look of your ride; chrome, stainless steel... Read more.

How to: Maintain and Change your Motorcycle Chain and Sprockets

So you're going about your usual ride and you notice some strange vibrations in the foot peg. Don't be alarmed! Over time, your drive chain will have a tendency to "stretch" out with use and will require a certain amount of maintenance just as the rest of your bike... Read more.

How to: Prepare your Motorcycle for Spring

Spring is just a stone's throw away, especially if you live in a place that escaped snow this year. But, while you may be gazing longingly out your window awaiting the riding weather you can only dream about during the winter months, the changing weather... Read more.

How to: Rejet your Motorcycle's Carburetor

So your girl is running a little lean. That's great if we're not talking about your motorcycle, otherwise, it might be time for you to sit down with her and rejet the carburetor. Sound painful? It's not really. Simply put, carburetors use tiny little nozzles... Read more.

How to: Replace your Control Levers

Whether you're on an off-road motorcycle or on a street bike, we all break a lever at some point. Hopefully it happens less on a street bike than on an off-road bike since hitting concrete can be a little more harmful than the dirt. Off-road bikes tend t... Read more.

How to: Winterize your Motorcycle

We may not want to admit it, but winter is just around the corner. And as the air cools off and the snow starts falling, most of us begrudgingly store our bikes and impatiently wait for spring to ride again. But storing your bike in the winter isn't as... Read more.

The Motorcycle Boot Buyer's Guide

No matter what kind of motorcycle you're on, one fact will always remain the same: your feet are the closest thing between you and the ground. And since your feet are your primary way of getting around (aka walking, running, sauntering), you'll want to keep... Read more.

The Motorcycle Camera Buyer's Guide

There's a little exhibitionist in every one of us. Don't deny it. If there wasn't, cameras would have never been invented. Humans just have an innate desire to share their finest (or maybe not so fine - ahem, Paris Hilton) moments with the rest of the... Read more.

The Motorcycle Cover Buyer's Guide

Unfortunately, you can't be riding your motorcycle all of the time. And when those moments arise that you need to take the car instead of your bike, you'll want to make sure that your beautiful motorcycle is just as pristine when you can return to... Read more.

Motorcycle Electronics

The electrical system on a motorcycle is about as easy to understand as the human cardiovascular system. It's made up of several components that all need to work seamlessly together for the battery to be able to pump power through the channels of your rid... Read more.

The Motorcycle Jersey Guide

So we sat down and started to look over the tons of different motorcycle jersey options and asked ourselves "what makes a good motorcycle jersey?" The answer was so simple that we almost missed it. We looked at the different styles, fabrics and manufacturers and... Read more.

The Motorcycle Manual Buyer's Guide

As much as you may already know about motorcycles, there's always something you haven't learned yet. And while motorcycle forums and your riding buddies can tell you a lot, sometimes you need just an old fashion manual to fill you in on the details of what you... Read more.

The Motorcycle Pants Buyer's Guide

Without legs, you can't ride. Or at least it would be a lot harder to ride. So we recommend protecting those people movers of yours. Sure it's easy to remember that you need to protect your noggin and your spine, but what about those shins and such? A prepared rider... Read more.

Motorcycle Security Buyer's Guide

Dane Cook does a stand up comedy skit where he takes a motorcycle helmet to the bar (though he doesn't own a motorcycle, which is probably a good thing considering drinking and motorcycles aren't a smart mixture) and using it to pick up chicks. Of course, when they... Read more.

The Off-road Tire Buyer's Guide

One of the reasons that we all love off-road riding so much is that it gives us so many riding options. From MX racing to sloshing around through the mud, there's a different type of terrain to play in for every one of your moods. But this means that there's... Read more.

Replacing and Maintaining Motorcycle Brakes

We all focus so much on how fast our ride goes, but sometimes it's important to take a moment to check how well your motorcycle can stop. Braking on a motorcycle can be just as important as accelerating. You'll want to make sure that... Read more.

Replacing your Motorcycle Grips

So you want a new look for your bike and you realize that installing new grips is one of the easiest and cheapest ways. Or maybe you dropped your bike and when your friends ask you what's up with the new grips, you're just going to tell them that you want... Read more.

The Riding Bag Buyer's Guide

As gas prices shoot up higher and higher, more and more motorcycles are popping up on the streets. It's no longer uncommon for the suit wearing worker to take the motorcycle rather than the gas guzzling SUV to work. But this poses one problem: where does the... Read more.

The Scooter Tire Guide

You ride a scooter and, while you're still part of the bi-wheeled family, you know that your ride is a bit different than all the other motorized two-wheelers. For instance, the tires you have on your scooter are made just for your ride. Scooter tires are in a category ... Read more.

The Street Motorcycle Protective Gear Guide

"Protective armor," sound like you're going to war? Well, when you hop on a motorcycle you kind of are going to war. No matter whether you're riding through the mean streets of the city, through the back streets of the country or on the race track, riding a motorcycle means... Read more.

Street Motorcycle Tires

Back when some clever caveman invented the wheel, it's doubtful that he would have expected that, centuries later, there would be millions of materials, styles, and brands involved in the make up. Yet with all of the upsides that our modern rubber wheels... Read more.

The Top Greatest Motorcycle Gadgets Guide

Once upon a time, it was just a rider, his bike and the road. Today, however, there's all these really awesome gadgets attached here, there and everywhere. Whether you're a traditional motorcycle minimalist or you're that guy preordering the newest and most... Read more.

The Ultimate Helmet Guide

No matter what your views are on whether or not there should be a law requiring motorcyclists to wear helmets, it's an undisputed fact that a motorcycle helmet is one of the most important things you should have in order to protect yourself in case of an accident... Read more.

The Vest Buyer's Guide

As the weather begins to heat up, you've started peeling off your jacket and cursing it for keeping you warm even when you want to stay cool. Even with the liner taken out and the vents wide open, you still feel like you could fall over at any second with a severe fit... Read more.