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Bandit's Tour Rider Essentials - Everything you'll need to take on a trip

>> Ashley Benson

Going touring can be an amazingly good time but packing for a touring trip can be pretty nerve wracking. You never know if you're packing enough stuff, if you've packed too much or if you've left something really important out. And since a lot of touring roads are far from civilization (or at least that's how we like them), you don't want to get stranded without having the necessary tools to get you back on the road. So here is a checklist that has everything we think that you might need while on a touring trip:

1. The right jacket for the weather (find the perfect jacket here. Don't know what the best kind of jacket is? Check out our street jacket guide)

2. A helmet! Be sure to get one that not only looks great but fits well too. Check out our helmet guide to pick the perfect kind and grab one of them here.

3. A pair of gloves. Learn about which ones are best with the Guide to Motorcycle Gloves and find them here.

4. Up-to-date license and registration

5. Hide a $20 bill somewhere on your bike for emergencies

6. Emergency medical and contact info in your wallet

7. Extra ignition key

8. Cell phone / GPS Device (Here is a great place to find awesome prices on GPS units)

9. Telephone calling card in case you can't get cell reception

10. Water (one of the backpack hydration systems can be a lifesaver in hot weather)

11. Walking shoes

12. Raingear (with glove and boot covers which can be found here)

13. Garbage bags (for rain-proofing your luggage or even as an extra windproof layer on you in extreme cold)

14. Multi-tool or Swiss Army knife. We recommend any of these Multi Tools

15. Flashlight (we love this BikeMaster L.E.D. Flashlight)

16. Space blanket

17. Flat tire repair kit (tube or tubeless, depending on your machine, any of which can be found here)

18. Tire pressure gauge

19. CO2 cartridge tire inflators, or another type of portable inflation device such as any of the Motorcycle tire Inflation Kits and Pumps

20. Chain master link

21. Extra fuses

22. Spare glasses or sunglasses

23. Spare dark or light faceshield if you have a full-faced helmet

24. Spare helmet hardware (plastic screws)

25. Faceshield or glasses cleaner

26. Handi-wipes

27. Shop rags

28. Earplugs (we love these Hearos Xtreme Protection Series Ear Filters)

29. Aspirin

30. Sunblock

31. Chapstick

32. Bandana (protect your neck from cold or your mouth from dust; or, in hot weather, soak it in water and tie it around your neck)

33. Lighter

34. Zip-ties

35. Ziplock bags (thousands of uses. You can even drain gas into a bag from one bike's petcock, then pour it into another bike)

36. Siphon hose

37. Soft-hook tie-downs (any of these are great for creating bungee cord hooks)

38. Bungee cords

39. Duct tape and electrical tape (wrap a small amount around each leg of the pliers in your bike's tool kit to save space rather than bringing the whole roll)

40. Clear Contact paper or low-tack tape (great for protecting motorcycle bodywork from luggage straps and bungee cords)

41. U-lock/disc lock

42. Bike cover such as any of these

43. Camera

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