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Changing a Chain with a Motion Pro Chain Breaker and Riveting Tool

Motorcycle chains can seem to be a bit of an enigma when it comes to motorcycle maintenance. Sure, we all know that our rides need them to run properly, but the idea of knowing when and how to change it all out drives most motorcycle riders to run straight... Read more.

Changing your Motorcycle's Oil

A well oiled engine is a happy engine. Just as with cars, a motorcycle engine will fail miserably if its oil is not changed regularly. The typical standard for changing it is usually after 5,000 miles but check your owner's manual in case your model varie... Read more.

How to: Change your Handlebars

Riding should be fun. So if you find that your back, neck, wrists or, well, anything is making you reach for a bottle of Aleve when you slide off the seat after a ride, you might have to consider that your handlebars aren't the best fit for you. When you buy... Read more.

How To: Change your motorcycle tires

We've written plenty on motorcycle tire maintenance from Inspecting and Maintaining your Street Motorcycle Tires to The Off-road Motorcycle Tire Buyer's Guide and even The Scooter Tire Guide. But no matter how well you care for those tires, there comes a time... Read more.

How to: Clean and Maintain Motorcycle Air Filters

In order to work properly, a combustion engine needs air to fuel its fire. Literally. But any person with allergies will tell you that the air is packed with things that can make it difficult to breath. And just as we have our own little filter system to... Read more.

How to: Clean Out or Rebuild your Motorcycle's Carburetor

Carburetors come in all different sizes and shapes but they all have a very important role in the mechanics of a motorcycle engine. Once gasoline enters your bike, it passes through the carburetor which infuses it with air in order to turn it into a fine mist... Read more.

How to: Clean your Motorcycle

With the extreme cultural movement that motorcycles have become, enthusiasts everywhere realize that motorcycles are no longer just a means of transportation or sport but that they are also a tribute to a person's character. Each person's bike says someth... Read more.

How to: Install a New Motorcycle Exhaust System

You've got some bite, so you want your motorcycle's bark to match. The best way to turn your motorcycle from sounding like a kitten to a pit bull is by throwing on some new pipes. Plus those pieces can really change up the look of your ride; chrome, stainless steel... Read more.

How to: Install and Replace a Motorcycle's Fuel Filter

One day, we'll probably all ride around on electric motorcycles. Until then, motorcycles require a bit of maintenance fueled by their need for gasoline. In order to propel you forward at those speeds that you love so much, your motorcycle's engine needs to perform a fairly... Read more.

How to: Maintain and Change your Motorcycle Chain and Sprockets

So you're going about your usual ride and you notice some strange vibrations in the foot peg. Don't be alarmed! Over time, your drive chain will have a tendency to "stretch" out with use and will require a certain amount of maintenance just as the rest of your bike... Read more.

How to: Rejet your Motorcycle's Carburetor

So your girl is running a little lean. That's great if we're not talking about your motorcycle, otherwise, it might be time for you to sit down with her and rejet the carburetor. Sound painful? It's not really. Simply put, carburetors use tiny little nozzles... Read more.

How to: Prepare your Motorcycle for Spring

Spring is just a stone's throw away, especially if you live in a place that escaped snow this year. But, while you may be gazing longingly out your window awaiting the riding weather you can only dream about during the winter months, the changing weather... Read more.

How to: Replace your Control Levers

Whether you're on an off-road motorcycle or on a street bike, we all break a lever at some point. Hopefully it happens less on a street bike than on an off-road bike since hitting concrete can be a little more harmful than the dirt. Off-road bikes tend t... Read more.

How to: Winterize your Motorcycle

We may not want to admit it, but winter is just around the corner. And as the air cools off and the snow starts falling, most of us begrudgingly store our bikes and impatiently wait for spring to ride again. But storing your bike in the winter isn't as... Read more.

Replacing and Maintaining Motorcycle Brakes

We all focus so much on how fast our ride goes, but sometimes it's important to take a moment to check how well your motorcycle can stop. Braking on a motorcycle can be just as important as accelerating. You'll want to make sure that... Read more.

Replacing your Motorcycle Grips

So you want a new look for your bike and you realize that installing new grips is one of the easiest and cheapest ways. Or maybe you dropped your bike and when your friends ask you what's up with the new grips, you're just going to tell them that you want... Read more.