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The Top Greatest Motorcycle Gadgets Guide

>> Ashley Benson

Once upon a time, it was just a rider, his bike and the road. Today, however, there's all these really awesome gadgets attached here, there and everywhere. Whether you're a traditional motorcycle minimalist or you're that guy preordering the newest and most advanced motorcycle gadgets before they hit the market, there are just a few gadgets that no rider should go without.


bikemaster wood handle multi tool
Let's start simple with a gadget that even the technologically inept can appreciate: the BikeMaster Wood Handle Multi Tool with a Large L.E.D. Light. This gadget is something that any rider should have in his saddlebags or rider bag at all times, especially if you don't carry a full fledged tool box. Whether you just rode off the lot with your shiny new toy or you've spent the last three years rebuilding a bike that is older than you, you never know when something could go wrong. This little guy comes with a can opener, straight and cross head screwdrivers, 4mm square driver, saw, file and ruler combo, bottle opener, sharp and smooth awls and a 3" blade. But the coupe de gras is the L.E.D. light sneakily tucked in the whole thing. Unless you know your bike and its engine better than the back of your own hand, this tool is sure to help shed a little light on the problem and help you fix it at the same time without taking up much space in the interim.


garmin zumo 665 motorcycle gps
Some of us are just flat out directionally challenged. When it comes to fixing that issue, there's a reason why Garmin pretty much has that corner of the market dominated for both cars and bikes. Now, with their new Garmin zumo 665 Motorcycle GPS, there really isn't a single thing we can think of that a motorcyclist might need in a GPS unit. This thing was designed specifically for bikers by bikers so it's waterproof, glove friendly and will speak directions right into your Bluetooth or headset. Plus you can set up voice prompts, XM radio in the U.S. and is FM traffic compatible. It's like having a tiny assistant sit on your handlebar and tell you everything you need to know. Unfortunately, it won't pick up your dry cleaning.


scala rider q2 pro multiset communication system
Speaking of Bluetooth and headsets, there's nothing that can ruin a ride faster than miscommunication between riders. The Scala Rider Q2 Pro Multiset Communication System is a perfect gadget for both riding with a passenger and riding with other bikes. This bike to bike intercom set can reach up to 2,300 feet while still allowing you to listen to MP3 players with its A2DP compatibility. This communication set is easy to use, has great quality and won't cut out even when you're hundreds of miles away from your riding buddy (if they get that far off route, you may want to give them that Garmin we mentioned earlier).


garmin zumo 665 motorcycle gps
Sharing is caring, right? So why not share your best ride moments with those who you care about... or those you care to show off to. Sure, GoPro may be the most heavily marketed of the helmet cam group, but there's good reason for its popularity. Easy to use, pretty much bullet proof (we said "pretty much") and crisper than the professional photographer who you hired for your wedding's camera, the GoPro Motorsport Hero Wide Lens HD Digital Camera System has got it going on. Multiple mounts mean you can put it almost anywhere and the noise and vibration canceling technology keeps you from getting motion sickness when you play it back. Buy one and you'll end up having so much fun with it that you'll put it on anything you can think of... including your pet cat.


Back in the day, if you went on a long touring trip through the woods and over the mountain to Grandmother's house, no one would know if the wolf got you until you didn't show up at your destination. With the SPOT II Personal GPS Satellite Messenger, not even outrunning the creepy Verizon crew that always follows you around will keep you from letting your family and friends know you're still alive and on track. This GPS has some serious satellite power and can send messages like "I'm ok" or "S.O.S." with your exact coordinates and a handy map of where you are to a set recipient or even emergency services. You can also track your progress so that after your trip, you can see each of your checkpoints on a map and then send it to friends to brag about.


symtec heat deamons metric standard grip warmers
The second that the temperature drops, your hands are the first to feel it. Sure, gloves can help keep your hand heat in, but they aren't going to help your hands make heat. For every season that doesn't start with an "s" and end with a "ummer," one of our favorite gadgets are the Symtec Heat Demons Metric Standard Grip Warmers. No matter what kind of grips you have (unless they're foam), these grip warmers mount right onto the handlebar and hide the warming wires easily and cleanly under your grips so as to not disturb the superior look of your custom chrome grips. The warmers come with four levels of heat with tiny L.E.D. lights to indicate the level of heat it's set at and an easily accessible button to change the temperature as easily as hitting your kill switch. Plus they come in either black or chrome to match the style of your bike.


battery tender junior
But none of those great gizmos really matter if your bike doesn't run. Don't spend Monday through Friday day dreaming about your Saturday ride only to find your battery dead come Saturday morning. Keep your bike hooked up to a Battery Tender 12V Super Smart Battery Tender Junior when you're not riding it. This little guy won't take up much shop space but will fully charge your battery and then maintain the correct level of charge without overcharging it. With its 12 ft easy connect and disconnect output cord, hooking it up or vice versa isn't an added chore before and after a ride but it will keep you from canceling rides due to a lack of juice.


electronic granit detecto 800 disc lock
Of course, you wouldn't spend all this money on awesome gadgets only to have them walk away with a stranger (apparently they were never taught about stranger-danger in school). Keep your ride safe with the top of the line alarm and lock system: the Electronic Granit Detecto 800 Disc Lock. With a 14mm hardened bolt and 3-D position control, the alarm will sound if it detects any kind of position changes or attempts to remove the lock. Think of it as that annoying car alarm that goes off when all you were doing was peering through the window to check out the awesome interior... only for a motorcycle.

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