2011 EnduroCross Finale

Saturday, November 19, 2011
Las Vegas is a place to put everything on the line and the racers of the 2011 GEICO AMA EnduroCross Championship felt the full force of that this weekend. Perhaps the rider with the most to win in Vegas was the thus far unstoppable rider Taddy Blazusiak who was not only the favorite to win the championship title this season but to do it perfectly. From the X Games to Idaho, Blazusiak has stood at the top of the podium flawlessly. But while this isn't unusual for the rider, the ever elusive perfect season has managed to slip through his fingers season after season.

But before Blazusiak could worry about winning the last two main events in Vegas, he had to worry about the slight chance that something could go wrong and Mike Brown had the possibility of swooping up the title. Though Blazusiak has dominated this season, Brown has managed to stay close enough behind him to keep him from securing the championship win. And with a sport as unpredictable as EnduroCross, anything could happen.

The weekend started out with a touch of surprise as Cody Webb set the fastest time during the afternoon hotlaps just above the undefeated Blazusiak with Brown in third. The three also won their respective heat races, which set the stage for the main events.

Surprisingly, Destry Abbott and Colton Haaker both did not qualify for the main events despite their fairly successful seasons thus far. But the top non qualifiers were invited to race in night race sponsored by Baja Designs. Outfitted with Baja Designs' battery powered Diablo light kits, it was Eric Rhoten who won in the dark just ahead of Ryan Rodgers and Wally Palmer.

In the first main event, Blazusiak showed the other riders that he wasn't going to give them any chance to keep him from his perfect season and scored the holeshot along with the $1000 Girardi Wealth Management Holeshot award. But getting out in front right out of the gate didn't give Blazusiak the clean lead as it usually does. Justin Soule stayed close behind Blazusiak and kept the fans on the edge of their seats. But once again, Blazusiak was flawless. Never once did the rider give Soule the chance to overtake him and stuck Soule with second as he kept his winning streak and road to a perfect season intact.

After being out the entire first half of the season due to a broken wrist, Husqvarna's Cory Graffunder showed that he was back in full force and owned third place in only his second race since his absence. Just behind him, Brown and Webb battled it out for fourth. While Webb took the lead over Brown for most of the race, Brown was able to overtake him in the final lap to finish fourth with Webb in fifth and the British KTM rider, Johnathan Walker, in sixth. The top finishers were followed by Taylor Robert, Bobby Prochnau, Kyle Redmond, Geoff Aaron, Jacob Argubright and Gary Sutherlin.

With one final race in the season remaining, the heat was on. But it wasn't Blazusiak who took the holeshot and the second $1000 Girardi Wealth Management Holeshot award. Honda rider Redmond got off to a great start when the gates went down and scored the holeshot. But it didn't take long for the fired up Blazusiak to catch up and overtake Redmond. Once back in the lead, Blazusiak was gone. With so much of a gap between him and the rest of the riders, Blazusiak was uncatchable.

Behind him, however, Redmond stuck to second until Robert caught up and passed him. Though Robert had no chance of catching up to the long gone Blazusiak, he did manage to hold second place and finished on the podium for the first time in his EnduroCross career. Brown creeped up the lineup and was able to score third above Soule and Redmond. Aaron, on the other hand, was seen struggling all evening. After coming in tenth in the first main event, the famous trials rider was only able to come in sixth in the second night with Prochnau, Graffunder, Webb, Walker, Argubright and Sutherlin wrapping up the second main event of the season and the 2011 GIECO AMA Championship.

But the weekend wasn't over yet. Robert was able to snag the E3 Spark Plugs Junior Championship for expert riders 21 and under. Max Gerston took the Open Amateur EnduroCross Grand Championship and Kurt Nichol won the Vet 35-plus class. Bryan Roper was the winner of the TrailsCross class ahead of Max Nelson.

After the success of the X Games, EnduroCross has had a flood of support and competitors in the women's class. Freegun Underwear sponsored the Women's invitational, which was highly anticipated by fans. Top Trials rider Louise Forsley wrapped up the EnduroCross season for the women despite a pretty spectacular crash in just the first lap. Forsley was followed in by the current GNCC Champion, Maria Forsburg and fifteen-year-old Rachel Gutish.

With this season having been the most exciting and successful of the EnduroCross series thus far, 2012 is already rearing up to be even better. Expanding to a total of eight events next season, EnduroCross will return to kick off in Las Vegas on May 4th during the Supercross finale.

Stay tuned for next season's results and check out the rider's profiles.

EX Pro Race Results Main Event 1

Finish Rider City, state
1 Taddy Blazusiak Nwy Targ
2 Justin Soule Reno, NV
3 Cory Graffunder Vavenby, BC
4 Mike Brown Bluff City, TN
5 Cody Webb Watsonville, CA
6 Jonathan Walker United Kingdom
7 Taylor Robert Scottsdale, AZ
8 Bobby Prochnau Savona, BC
9 Kyle Redmond Lake Hughes, CA
10 Geoff Aaron Bailey, CO
11 Jacob Argubright Northridge, CA
12 Gary Sutherlin Glendale, AZ
13 Keith Sweeten Oregon City, OR
14 Chris Bruand
15 Jeremy Jolly
16 Matt Oppen Lake Havasu, AZ
17 Jamie Lanza Beaumont, CA
18 Wallace Palmer Mullica Hill, NJ
19 Destry Abbott Peoria, AZ
20 Geoff Walker Morecambe, UK

EX Pro Race Results Main Event 2
Finish Rider City, state
1 Taddy Blazusiak Nwy Targ
2 Taylor Robert Scottsdale, AZ
3 Mike Brown Bluff City, TN
4 Justin Soule Reno, NV
5 Kyle Redmond Lake Hughes, CA
6 Geoff Aaron Bailey, CO
7 Bobby Prochnau Savona, BC
8 Cory Graffunder Vavenby, BC
9 Cody Webb Watsonville, CA
10 Jonathan Walker United Kingdom
11 Jacob Argubright Northridge, CA
12 Gary Sutherlin Glendale, AZ
13 Bobby Prochnau Savona, BC
13 Max Gerston Scottsdale, AZ
14 Eric Rhoten Montrose, CO
15 Kevin Rookstool Klamfath Falls, OR
16 Derrick Mahoney San Clemente, CA
17 Ryan Rodgers Dover, PA
18 Matt Crouch Pittsburg, TX
19 Jon Seehorn Fairfield, WA
20 Kyle Calderini Black Forest, CO

EX Pro Points Standings
Position Rider Points
1 Taddy Blazusiak 240
2 Mike Brown 166
3 Justin Soule 146
4 Geoff Aaron 144
5 Cody Webb 131
6 Gary Sutherlin 90
7 Kyle Redmond 87
8 Taylor Robert 80
9 Bobby Prochnau 77
10 Colton Haaker 76
11 Kevin Rookstool 51
12 Keith Sweeten 42
13 Jacob Argubright 42
14 Cory Graffunder 35
15 Rory Sullivan 31
16 Eric Rhoten 30
17 Ryan Sandoval 30
18 Wallace Palmer 28
19 Destry Abbott 28
20 Jonathan Walker 26
21 Ryan Rodgers 22
22 Max Gerston 19
23 Joachim Lundgren 18
24 Ricky Russell 17
25 Graham Jarvis 16
26 Matt Crouch 15
27 Kurt Caselli 14
28 Jon Seehorn 13
29 Matt Oppen 12
30 Rory Mead 12
31 Kyle Calderini 12
32 Jamie Lanza 11
33 Kendall Norman 11
34 Harrison Oswald 9
35 Ricky Dietrich 9
36 Keith Wineland 8
37 Ivan Ramirez 8
38 Travis Coy 8
39 Chris Bruand 7
40 Jeremy Jolly 6
41 Derrick Mahoney 5
42 Kyle Joiner 3
43 Ryan Dudek 2
44 Geoff Walker 1
45 Malcolm Hett 1
46 Bryan Roper 1

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