Southwick Moto Results

Saturday, August 27, 2011

This weekend was one of the most eventful this season at the Southwick National race. As Hurricane Irene threatened the weekend, riders and fans still showed up to partake in the weekend.

Riders managed to stay dry during Moto 1 where Ryan Dungey took first followed by Ryan Villopoto in second and Brett Metcalfe in third. But fans hearts broke when Chad Reed's bike bit the dust forcing him to retire during the first race and leaving him another 47 points behind leader Villopoto. Dungy's win, however, managed to cut the distance between him and Villopoto in the point standing in half and gave him another chance at the title.

The second race was a messy one as the rain really began to come down. But the racers weren't fazed as they plowed through the mud. Shockingly, the gates dropped to find Dungey standing without a bike. It wasn't until halfway through the first lap that he was finally able to get out of the gate and try to catch up with the other racers. Luckily, Dungey was able to crawl his way up to seventh and, with his first place win in Moto 1, he only lost 1 point.

It was Justin Barcia who came in first, which is his first 450 win and only the second time on this bike. Brett Metcalfe followed him up to take second while Justin Brayton finished off the podium.

Chad Reed continued to have a rough day when his bike died, once again, leaving him with a DNF in both races. Losing 40 points after both races, the rider is now behind Villopoto by 65 points making his chances of winning the title as dismal as the weather was this weekend.

Place 450 Moto #1 250 Moto #1 WMX Moto Inactive
1 Ryan Dungey Gareth Swanepoel Ashley Fiolek
2 Ryan Villopoto Tyla Rattray Tarah Gieger
3 Brett Metcalfe Dean Wilson Marissa Markelon
4 Mike Alessi Gannon Audette Jacqueline Strong
5 Colton Facciotti Broc Tickle Sarah Whitmore
Place 450 Moto #2 250 Moto #2
1 Justin Barcia Tyla Rattray Jessica Patterson
2 Brett Metcalfe Dean Wilson Ashley Fiolek
3 Justin Brayton Alex Martin Alexah Pearson
4 Ryan Villopoto Justin Bogle Sarah Whitmore
5 Jacob Weimer Gareth Swanepoel Tarah Gieger

Series standings after this race
Place 450 Moto #1 250 Moto #1 WMX Moto #1
1 Ryan Villopoto Dean Wilson Ashley Fiolek
2 Ryan Dungey Tyla Rattray Jessica Patterson
3 Chad Reed Blake Baggett Tarah Gieger
4 Brett Metcalfe Kyle Cunningham Jacqueline Strong
5 Mike Alessi Eli Tomac Kasie Creson
6 Jacob Weimer Gareth Swanepoel Marissa Markelon
7 Andrew Short Broc Tickle Vicki Golden
8 Kevin Windham Justin Barcia Alexah Pearson
9 David Millsaps Martin Davalos Lindsey Palmer
10 Justin Brayton Alex Martin Sayaka Kaneshiro is the web's largest powersports store with more than 8 million factory fresh motorcycle parts, apparel, accessories and more online, including motorcycle helmets, motorcycle boots, motorcycle gloves and more.