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Video Features

Video Feature - River Road Scout Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Boasting premium, heavy-weight leather that you would only expect a River Road motorcycle jacket to be made of, the Scout Leather Motorcycle Jacket will keep you both warm and protected. Two vent ports are located at the front of the motorcycle jacket that can be zipped or unzipped to allow airflow through the jacket and out the two rear exhaust vents so that you can maintain the perfect temperature. Not to mention that the jacket... Read more.

Video Feature - Project Kickstart Bloopers

Over the past couple of months, Cristina has dragged us all into the video room one by one to talk about our latest motorcycle projects and out tips and tricks for the Project Kickstart Video Series. And while the series may be drawing close to its end, we took a look back at the footage and found some pretty hilarious moments that were caught on camera. From slip-ups to me purposely sitting in the corner making our victims laugh... Read more.

Video Feature - Project Kickstart Presents Brandon Grant

Brandon Grant, our Accounts Payable Manager at, may not like to get his hands dirty, but that doesn't mean that he doesn't have some rad bikes. With a Suzuki GSX-R for riding around town and a Hayabusa that's a complete show bike, Brandon's bikes can hang with the best of them. Don't believe us, just wait until his Hayabusa gets back from the shop where it's currently having a TV installed in the gas tank... Read more.

Video Feature - Project Kickstart Presents Steven Lynch

There's no lack of riders here at, so Project Kickstart continues with Steven Lynch, one of our graphic designers. With a 2008 ZX-6R and a 1996 Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail, Steven has spent quite a bit of time working on his bikes. Especially while completely re-vamping the Heritage. Check out what he's been doing to it and the challenges he's come across: Know your motorcycle tools. It's become a common theme... Read more.

Video Feature - Venture 12V Heated Motorcycle Glove Liners

Some people think that riding this time of year is pretty crazy. Some people think that it's crazier to stop riding based on the weather. And then there are people like me who feel like it very much depends on where you ride. For instance, here is Southern California, there are only about three days a year deemed un-ride-able. But we don't have feet of snow and black ice to consider like many other states. Still, especially on rainy... Read more.

Video Feature - Project Kickstart Presents Ashley Benson

Well, I was finally drug into the video room to take part in the Project Kickstart Video Series that has been doing for the past few weeks. As the Web Content Specialist of, I had to know it was going to happen eventually. Of course, Cristina needed to know what bike I ride and how I've been working on it the last few months. Check it out: So I ride a 1980 Honda CM400E. It's a great bike and was mostly... Read more.

Video Feature - Project Kickstart Presents Glenn Guerin

As an owner of seven motorcycles from a vintage BSA to a Harley-Davidson bagger to the perfect motocross and desert riding bikes, Glenn Guerin is nothing short of a motorcycle expert. We were stoked when he pulled all of his rides out for us to take a look at his collection. Of course, then we had to ask what fun projects he currently has going on with his rides, check out the video. With a 2007 Yamaha YZ450F, a 2007 KTM 450 EXC... Read more.

Video Feature - Project Kickstart Presents Troy Seyferth

Project Kickstart is in full swing here at, which means tons of great deals on motorcycle accessories and OEM parts along with tips and videos all revolving on working on your motorcycle. Here at, we not only want to give you the tools and parts that you need to complete your project, but give you the advice and help to make sure you get it done right and get it riding fast. Today, Christina is in... Read more.

Video Feature - Project Kickstart Presents Thor

The guys from Thor stopped by earlier to talk to us about the new 2013 Phase, Core and Flux lines that they just released and we managed to sneak in a few questions about their experience with motorcycle projects. Check out their take on working on their rides and the tips that they've learned along the way: Also, be sure to check out all of the give aways that is running for Project kickstart at... Read more.

Video Feature - Project Kickstart Presents Jake Smith

We've officially kicked off Project Kickstart, our new promotional event that revolves around working on your motorcycle. We've promised great motorcycle parts and accessories deals, such as this weekend's 20% off all OEM parts, as well as how to guides to get you going and tips to keep you on the right track. Jake Smith,'s Marketing Supervisor, joined Cristina in the video room to kick off our new Project Kickstart... Read more.

Video Feature - GoPro Hero3

I read an article once on how the introduction of action cameras, such as the GoPro and the Contour, has made us a community of over-sharers. Said author claimed that we narcissistically record every second of our lives and then share it via the web incessantly like we expect that everyone else cares to see it, despite the fact that no one does. At the end, the author called for us narcissistic over-sharing recording maniacs to... Read more.

Video Feature - Venture Battery Powered Heat Base Layer

Here in Southern California, we just had our first bit of fall rain. Granted, it's not nearly as severe as most other states about to be hit with winter weather. But it was enough to get us pulling out our technical undergarments and other winter motorcycle apparel. Still, it wasn't enough to keep us from riding. Many riders may go out and buy winter motorcycle jackets, but if you happen to be particularly attached to yours all... Read more.

Video Feature - 2013 Firstgear Kenya Motorcycle Jacket Review

Still too hot for leather but your current motorcycle jacket isn't up to snuff? Fall is a great time to invest in a textile jacket such as this 2013 Firstgear Kenya Motorcycle Jacket. Fully stacked with a Hypertex waterproof shell for the rainy days, a removable insulated liner for those cold days and a breathable shell with zipper adjustable underarm and chest vents, all make for a great jacket when the weather gets a little... Read more.

Video Feature - Joe Rocket Hemp Motorcycle Jacket Review

Have you met Cristina Perez yet? If not, you definitely should. She's one of the newest additions to and she's definitely one of the prettiest. But aside from her photogenic looks, she's also an extremely large well of knowledge when it comes to motorcycle gear and we've trapped her in our video room until she pours out every ounce of gear details into videos for our customers. Don't believe us? Check out BikeBandit... Read more.

Video Feature - Monza WSBK Round from Pirelli

If you're a World Superbike Championship fan, you've probably whipped around the curves of your neighborhood streets while pretending to be on the Superbike track with Carlos Checa right on your heals. If you haven't, you probably need to get a better imagination. If you have, you might be excited to know that Pirelli has designed a specific tire to celebrate the 25th year of WSBK, though we're guessing that Pirelli started counting the... Read more.

Video Feature - Carmichael: The Road Back to Loretta's

If you're new to this whole motocross racing thing, there's one name you should definitely know. Ricky Carmichael is affectionately known as the GOAT, Greatest Of All Time, and for very good reason. Once he stepped into the professional motocross ring in 1996 for the first time, Carmichael easily walked away with more titles than most high school graduates could count and was names the AMA's Athlete of the Year five times in a row... Read more.

Video Feature - Tale of the Two Stroke

Every now and then a video comes along that not only reminds us but fully smacks us in the face with the fact that money isn't everything. If you've ever doubted that, check out this video featuring Tyler Wozney as he tears up the track on his twelve-year-old Honda CR250. Sure, the guy may be sponsored by Bel-Ray and Diamond Motorsports, but the only bike he owns doesn't cost ten grand. So next time your buddy says he's shit at... Read more.

Video Feature - Chasing Summer

Must be a tough life when you're stuck riding the 2,800 miles from California to Cabo San Lucas for the summer. But that's exactly what Kendall Norman and Quinn Cody are stuck doing. Plus the poor guys have only managed to bring along riding gear, swim trunks and some flip flops. Guess it's a good thing they'll only be riding and chilling at Mexican resorts. This video is the seventh of the series and marks about the halfway point... Read more.

Colbert Spots a Dirt Bike Rider in the Lincoln Tunnel

Before there's a massive uproar about playing with your phone while driving or even the dangers of lane splitting, let us be perfectly clear... we don't encourage or condone either. If you still have any doubts, check out some of our articles on Distracted Driving. Now that we have that out of the way, let's spice up your day with a little clip from the Colbert Report that's having us trying to cover up our chuckles while sitting... Read more.

Alpinestars Base Layers: From Sun Up to Sun Down

One of the few things that we're happy to get up at the crack of dawn for is riding. It makes the long, early commute to work every morning bearable and is well worth rolling out of bed without sleeping in on the weekends. But the weather doesn't always agree. Even here, in California, during the peak of summer, getting up early for a morning ride can mean dealing with a serious chill factor. The solution? Technical Undergarments... Read more.