Alpinestars Base Layers: From Sun Up to Sun Down

Friday, March 30, 2012 - One of the few things that we're happy to get up at the crack of dawn for is riding. It makes the long, early commute to work every morning bearable and is well worth rolling out of bed without sleeping in on the weekends. But the weather doesn't always agree. Even here, in California, during the peak of summer, getting up early for a morning ride can mean dealing with a serious chill factor. The solution? Technical Undergarments. Any rider who hops on their motorcycle in chilly mornings and plans to ride along as the day warms up should throw on a pair under their gear. This video is a great highlight for all of the uses that the average rider can have for Alpinestars Technical Undergarments.

Each piece of gear is made with a lightweight dual density fabric that covers all of the vital areas that are most exposed. The material is optimized for comfortable moisture wicking that will keep a rider's body temperature stable no matter if it's cold or hot out. Plus the compression fit underwear is made to support all of the muscles most affected by riding fatigue to keep you riding comfortable for longer. From sun up to sun down, despite whatever the weatherman may say the weather will be, Alpinestars Technical Undergarments are meant to keep you on the road and enjoying your ride.

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