Colbert Spots a Dirt Bike Rider in the Lincoln Tunnel

Before there's a massive uproar about playing with your phone while driving or even the dangers of lane splitting, let us be perfectly clear... we don't encourage or condone either. If you still have any doubts, check out some of our articles on Distracted Driving. Now that we have that out of the way, let's spice up your day with a little clip from the Colbert Report that's having us trying to cover up our chuckles while sitting at our desks.

Apparently, during his morning commute through the busy Lincoln Tunnel, Stephen Colbert was passed up by a wheelie-popping, lane-splitting motorcycle rider on what looks to be a Suzuki DR650. Two things should be pointed out here: first, Colbert apparently drives his own car through New York traffic daily. Glad it's not just the fate of us little people. Secondly, lane changing, not just lane splitting, is completely illegal while in the Lincoln Tunnel. But, much like the Honey Badger, this motorcyclist doesn't care. Obviously bored while sitting in his car and having apparently never seen a motorcyclist pop a wheelie before, Colbert's journalistic instincts took flight and he began to record it on his iPhone.

Whether or not the spirit of America truly is returning through this rebel minded rider is up for debate, but it surely makes for a pretty hilarious video, especially when the rider is vain enough to pull back and ask Colbert to text him the video. Guess he may have gotten a little more than he asked for.

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