Video Feature - Chasing Summer

Must be a tough life when you're stuck riding the 2,800 miles from California to Cabo San Lucas for the summer. But that's exactly what Kendall Norman and Quinn Cody are stuck doing. Plus the poor guys have only managed to bring along riding gear, swim trunks and some flip flops. Guess it's a good thing they'll only be riding and chilling at Mexican resorts.

This video is the seventh of the series and marks about the halfway point of the ride. And while you may be safely sitting behind a computer rather than dealing with such a trying mission such as Norman and Cody's, you can check out some of the brands that they trust to keep them comfortably raging through the trails all summer long.

These two pro's may be sporting some awesome Alpinestars gear not available to us common folk, but you can check out the Alpinestars motorcycle protective gear, casual gear and technical undergarments that is available: HERE

Of course, neither rider would settle for anything less than an Arai Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet to keep their noggins protected while on the Mexican trails.

Not to mention you can see them carrying around their precious little cargo for the entire trip in none other than an Ogio Motorcycle Rider Bag.

The locals, however, know where the style is at. Some are sporting gear made by Troy Lee Designs.

And we're not sure whether it's the time their on the bikes riding or off the bikes, enjoying the local hospitality. Either way, check out all the casual gear for when you're not able to ride.

Off-Road Gear:

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