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Video Feature - Project Kickstart Presents Ashley Benson

>> Ashley Benson

December 7, 2012 - San Diego, CA

Well, I was finally dragged into the video room to take part in the Project Kickstart Video Series that has been doing for the past few weeks. As the Web Content Specialist of, I had to know it was going to happen eventually. Of course, Cristina needed to know what bike I ride and how I've been working on it the last few months. Check it out:

So I ride a 1980 Honda CM400E. It's a great bike and was mostly stock when I picked it up, which meant that I was eager to take it apart and turn it into a café racer. First thing to go? The standard handlebars, which were replaced with some of the BikeMaster Clubman Handlebars, along with new grips, mirrors and cables.

And that leads me to my tip for people thinking of starting to work on their machine. Don't be afraid of a project. Dive right in and you'll find that you are more than capable at working on your motorcycle with the right motorcycle tools and a motorcycle manual. But when you hit a problem, know when to take it to a professional. For me, that problem is the front drum brakes. After not being able to get them dialed in safely, I've learned to swallow my pride and take it to a shop.

Despite the fact that a more challenging part of working on a motorcycle might require a pro, I still highly recommend working on your own ride. Knowing how everything works is an important part of being a motorcycle rider. But don't feel embarrassed when something gives you a hard time. I know some people may not think drum brakes are difficult to work with, but they happen to be my current downfall. I'll master them someday. Someday...

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