Noco Battery Life 5W Solar Battery Charger/Maintainer

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Brand Noco

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The Noco Battery Life 5W Solar Battery Charger/Maintainer is designed to counteract the effects of natural battery drain due to time, climate and conditions. Batteries slowly discharge over time when not in use and the constant demand from vehicle’s computer and electronics leave the battery in a discharged state. Unless the battery is being charged, it is always loosing capacity, which will lead to sulfafation, and ultimately, battery failure. Battery life can be increased, sufation prevented, and full power restored by simply leaving the battery connected to The Noco Battery Life 2.5W Solar Battery Charger/Maintainer.
  • Safely charges Wet, Gel, MF & AGM batteries
  • Waterproof & Weather resistant solar charger for outdoor use rated at IP65
  • UV Resistant- Engineered to take the abuse of the sun through the use of color stabilization and UV inhibitors
  • Designed for Safety- Short circuit, open circuit, overheat & overcurrent protected
  • Thin Film Technology- Works well in low-light, cloudy and overcast conditions
  • Protects the battery from accidental back current drain at night
  • Unique low-profile design for a light-weight, compact charger
  • Rugged Frame Made from an engineered polymer for high-strength and durability

Specifications and Options

Brand Noco
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