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Star Tron SEF Fuel Treatment

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$7.95 $8.49
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Specifications and Options
Brand Star Tron
Price $7.95
Volume 8 oz
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Star Tron® is an amazing fuel treatment based on naturally occurring enzymes. Star Tron® uses highly specialized enzymes to modify how gasoline and diesel fuel burns, the end result being more complete and uniform combustion. This same enzyme package cleans the fuel delivery system and combustion chambers, stabilizes fuel chemistry and reduces engine emissions. Engines are not very efficient at burning all of the fuel that is fed into the cylinders. The result of this incomplete combustion is reduced power, production of harmful emissions and carbon formation. By changing the bonding structure of the hydrocarbon molecules that make up fuel, enzymes in Star Tron® allow more oxygen to attach to the fuel at the time of ignition, resulting in a more complete burn of the fuel charge. Star Tron® treated fuel therefore produces greater power, dramatically increases fuel economy and shows a notable reduction in commonly encountered emissions. Carbon monoxide is also greatly reduced. Diesel soot is now classified as a carcinogen and a toxic air contaminant. Continued use of enzyme modified diesel fuel can reduce soot by a significant amount.

  • Ideal for ethanol-blended gasoline
  • Unique enzyme formula improves performance of all engines
  • Improves fuel economy & reduces emissions
  • Cleans entire fuel delivery system from tank to injectors and combustion chambers
  • Removes carbon deposits and prevents future deposits
  • Stabilizes gasoline for up to one year
  • A "tune-up in a bottle"
  • Rejuvenates old fuel

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Specifications and Options

Brand Star Tron
Volume 8 oz