Geigerrig Hydration Engine

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Specifications and Options

Brand Geigerrig
Hydration Pack Capacity -

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Play Video Geigerrig In-Line Water Filter and Hydration Pack
Filter water as you travel. Refill the hydration engine at a stream, river, creek, ditch, pond, etc.
Play Video Geigerrig: Never Suck Again
Revolutionary, sexy new technology that sprays. No more need to suck. Spray to drink. Spray to share. Spray to clean. Spray to cool.
Play Video Geigerrig Hydration Pack Bomb Test
The Geigerrig guys put a bomb inside their pack to test the Geigerrig Hydration Engine. You've gotta see it to believe it!
Play Video Geigerrig Road Kill Test for Hydration Pack
After being thrown from a truck, the Geigerrig guys run over their hydration engine to test its durability. Watch to find out how the hydration engine holds up.
Play Video Geigerrig Pack Capacity
Geigerrig demonstrates that their pressurized hydration packs have the same pack capacity as traditional hydration packs that host bladders that require the user to suck.
Play Video Geigerrig Hydration Pack 100 mph Road Impact Test
See how the Geigerrig Hydration Pack withstands multiple tosses onto an asphalt road at 100 mph.

Product Details

Geigerrig's two chamber Ogwa hydration bladder has several key components, including an easy-to-fill opening, quick-release tubes and valves, and Geigerrig's own pressure bulb that makes drinking easy.
   Slide Top and Wide Mouth
  • The entire top of the reservoir opens up
  • Easy access for cleaning, drying and filling

   Pressure Bulb
  • Pressurizes the reservoir utilizing the two chamber system
  • Can be energized for Spray to Drink, Spray to Cool, Spray to Clean, Spray to Share…etc

   Surge Protector Valve
  • Bite valve has an on-off switch and a special configuration that makes prevents leakage

   Quick Release Valves
  • Prevents inconvenient pressure and drinking tube unthreading
  • Refill or clean your reservoir easily
  • Leave tubes in the pack while you remove the reservoir for filling and cleaning

   #15 Denier Polyurethane
  • Tougher than polyurethane
  • Minimizes ballooning effect that may occur when reservoir is pressurized for spraying

   Compression Backing Nylon
  • Protects the reservoir and prevents any ballooning on the air side of the pressurized Ogwa bladder


Specifications and Options

Brand Geigerrig
Hydration Pack Capacity 2L, 3L
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