Maxx Talon Padded Sunglasses

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Lens Color - Lens Features

Amber - Tinted / UV-Protection
Clear - Tinted / UV-Protection
HD - Tinted / UV-Protection
Smoke - Polarized / Tinted / UV-Protection

Specifications and Options

Brand Maxx Sunglasses
Design -
Color -
Lens Color -
Lens Features -

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Product Details

How does Maxx High definition lenses work? High definition lenses enhance contrast by reducing the scattered light that causes objects to appear "Flat" against backrounds. Contrast is improved so objects appear more sharply defined.Colors are bright and vibrant. Glare is virtually eliminated, allowing your eyes to relax ad see everything remarkably crisp and clear. The HD lens cuts through haze and glare for optimum visual clarity at a distance. Sharpens contrast while maintaining a natural, non-distorted color balance. Smoke: Provides protection from glare and high levels of visible light and ultraviolet radiation without distroting color perception. Yellow: transmits more light than other tints. Best in foggy or hazy conditions. Clear: Great for night, rain or general wear when no tint is desired.
      -Foam Frame prevents air from getting into your eye and makes for a safer more comfortable ride

Specifications and Options

Brand Maxx Sunglasses
Design Amber, Black, Clear, Smoke
Color Black
Lens Color Amber, Clear, HD, Smoke
Lens Features Polarized, Scratch-Resistant, Tinted, UV-Protection
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