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EBC Sintered Double-H Brake Pads


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Product Details

 EBC Sintered Double-H Brake Pads

EBC Sintered Double-H brake pads boast the highest friction level rating (H), becoming the industry standard in 2004. They carry the highest H title in two ways, hence the expression Double-H, as they are H-rated cold and H-rated when hot; This means no brake fade.

Most Double-H pads are fitted (according to system parameters) with stainless steel radiator plates which are helpful in reducing the heat transition into the caliper and hydraulics. Heat-reduction and superior materials make the HH an excellent choice for street use. For race use EPFA or GPFAX sintered ranges should be considered


  • Sintered copper alloy pads
  • Perforated stainless steel heat radiator plates
  • Double-segmented, wider pads
  • Please Note: Product is sold in pairs. One pair required per rotor
  • Provide maximum brake effect
  • Lasts twice as long as organic pads


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Brand EBC
Pads / Shoes Brake Pads

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