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Fly Switches (Universal) for Motorcycles

Fly Switches (Universal) for Motorcycles

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About Our Best Fly Switches (Universal) for Motorcycles

When you are riding down the highway, or even cruising through the neighborhood, you know that there is always a potential hazard around the corner. On a bike, you are exposed and there are no doors or a vehicle body to protect you. There are some safety features, however, that are important, such as a kill switch. Options, such as Fly switches (universal), work to cut the engine should this be necessary while riding.

What is the Purpose of a Motorcycle Kill Switch?

This switch is a type of safety device that is present on almost all modern motorcycles and similar vehicles. It is sometimes referred to as the engine switch. The purpose of this switch is to immediately cut off the engine.

How to Use a Motorcycle Kill Switch

This is a small switch located on or near the handles of your bike. You simply push it to engage it. This makes it easy to stop the engine on your bike in the event of an emergency.

When to Use a Motorcycle Kill Switch

It is important to use the switch at the right times to get the most benefit from this safety feature. In most cases, you would use this when you are unable to reach the ignition, but need to cut off the engine. For example, if your bike falls over when you are riding. Some also suggest using it to shut off your motorcycle when you are ready to park after a ride. However, this is controversial and there is a debate about whether or not this is a good idea.

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