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Motorcycle Lift Kits and Lowering Kits

If you've found the perfect bike but it's not at the perfect height, don't walk away from it – rather, equip it with a durable, dependable and quality lift or lowering kit. + more- less

Find the Best Motorcycle Lift Kit for Your Unique Needs

When shopping motorcycle lift kits and lowering kits, it is important to keep your own unique needs in mind. However, it does not hurt to hear what others have to say and to take their experiences into consideration. At BikeBandit.com, our inventory includes custom and adjustable lift kits from top manufacturers such as Moose Racing, Vortex, Quadboss and Powerstands Racing. Though many of our kits come highly recommended, there are certain brands that fans just love, which is evident in the five star reviews their kits have generated. When shopping, look for the tell-tale stars to make a more informed purchase decision.

Cheap Motorcycle Lift Kits and Lowering Kits

We get it – though you do not want price to be an issue for you when it comes to your bike, it is unrealistic to think that it is not. At BikeBandit.com, we strive to bring the best in aftermarket motorcycle parts to our riders for less. This does not mean we offer flimsy parts that are bound to break after the first use; rather, it means dedicating our time and resources to scouring the aftermarket market for the best wholesale deals from top manufacturers, and negotiating until we feel satisfied that we can deliver quality goods at fair prices.

Nothing But the Best Motorcycle Lift Kids and Lowering Kits

If you are in the market for aftermarket motorcycle lift kits and lowering kits, do yourself and your bike a favor and shop with a brand that has you, your wallet's and your bike's best interests in mind. Your careful consideration could mean the difference between an okay ride and a perfect fit. We do not know about you, but "okay" is not a word we choose to include in our vocabulary, and it's certainly not one we expect to hear from the mouths of avid bikers. For superior parts that offer a superior ride, shop our performance parts today.

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About Our Best Motorcycle Lift Kits and Lowering Kits

Bikes straight off the lot, or motorcycles purchased from other riders, might be great in many ways, but they may not fit a rider in terms of size. If you’ve got a machine that’s magnificent except for its height, lifting or lowering it could give you the comfort you need. Lift/ lowering kits allow a rider to customize a bike to suit inseam height, which provides a more enjoyable and safer ride. In addition to functionality, lift/ lowering kits can offer a slamming look for your motorcycle.

Why Buy Lift/ Lowering Kits

Lifting and lowering motorcycles has become a popular way to make a bike one’s own. Since not every bike is made for every rider straight off the line, lift/ lowering kits offer the opportunity to transform a bike you like, into one you love. Keep in mind that lowering kits can change the suspension and ground clearance of a motorcycle, so while they do offer many benefits, they may put you in a position where you have to adjust a few more things to get the ideal ride. Should you need additional parts to customize your machine, BikeBandit.com has what you need for a guaranteed-low price.

Choosing Lift/ Lower Kits

If you’ve decided that you want to change the height on your motorcycle, lift/ lowering kits from brands like Progressive Suspension, Baron, Brock’s Performance, LA Choppers, and Dragonfire can do the trick. BikeBandit.com sells these lift and lowering kits, and we offer lift and lowering kits from Arlen Ness Motorcycles, Burly Brand, and Powerstands Racing. When you go to install a lift or lowering kit on your ride, it’s important that you do the front and rear. This keeps your bike’s handling and steering in check, otherwise you’ll likely experience significant performance problems.

BikeBandit.com has a range of the best lift/ lowering kits for many types of bikes, and we offer the accessories you might need to go with your lift/ lowering kit like shorter shocks, lowered fork springs, or lowering links. We offer a low-price guarantee on all of these parts, and we’ll ship them to you fast, so you can get your bike in the perfect condition. For all of your aftermarket motorcycle parts needs, shop BikeBandit.com.



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