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Some us ride to get some therapeutic solitude on the road, but these days, more and more of us want to stay connected to our music, our friends and family, and to each other on our rides. For those that prefer the latter, you can’t do it without a Bluetooth communication device, and this is the place to figure out exactly which one will be perfect for you!

Whether you ride solo, with a passenger, or with an entire group, a Bluetooth communication system keeps you fully connected, and can enhance your ride in a way no other device can.

These days, it is not inaccurate to say that we’re more digitally connected than ever before. Whether we’re at home, at the office, on the road (or even asleep!) it’s unlikely we’re ever more than a few feet away from some electronic device or another that keeps us “on the grid.”

Now we know that one of the things a lot of you love about riding so much is getting away from all that noise and distraction, and focusing only on the ride for a few hours. But while there is that “head-clearing” element to riding, it’s not necessarily the best thing to be completely cut off from the world while you’re on your bike; you could miss an important phone call, get lost and need directions, or have trouble trying to communicate with other riders in your group.

A Bluetooth communication device made just for motorcycle riders is the perfect solution. Bluetooth communicators used to be cumbersome and frustrating to use, but these days, they are so refined and so intuitive, they can really enhance your ride instead of interrupting it, and keep you safe and connected while you enjoy the sport you love!

In this guide, we’ll go over all the ways you can use Bluetooth communication devices to make your riding more enjoyable, then give you all our recommendations for Bluetooth communicators you’ll love, from full-featured entry-level devices to top-of-the-line flagship products. Read this before you invest in your own!

Why Do I Need a Motorcycle Bluetooth System Anyway?

If you ride with a passenger often, a Bluetooth intercom system is definitely the way to go; you can hold a conversation just like you’re talking on the phone, and you can even stream music from one phone to both headsets!

One thing we hear from a lot of our customers who are “anti-electronics” is that they don’t want more devices interrupting them, distracting them, frustrating them, or losing their charge while they’re out on a ride. A valid point, but before you decide that a Bluetooth communicator isn’t for you, check out all the cool ways our customers use them that enhances riding, making it better, safer, and more fun!

  • Stream music from your phone to the speakers in your helmet, so you can rock out to your favorite playlist without fumbling with your phone in your pocket with gloves on (and we all know how annoying that can be.)
  • Get turn by turn directions streamed from your phone or GPS, so you can navigate straight to your destination without having to stop and pull out a map
  • Make and place calls with voice activation while riding (have you ever had a crystal clear phone conversation while flying down the highway on your bike? You can with these!)
  • Have live conversations with other riders in your group, so you can make route changes, signal any problems, or just make conversation while cruising
  • Talk to your passenger while riding, and even stream your own music to their speakers so you can both enjoy the same playlist
  • Train other riders by following along behind them, giving them real-time coaching tips through the intercom
  • And much more!

As you can see, there are a lot of ways you can use a Bluetooth communication device to make your riding better, safer, and more fun. But before you jump into buying one, check out our buying guide below to make sure you’re getting the one that will really work best for you and your needs.

The Top Bluetooth Communication Devices for Motorcycle Riders


Sena is one of the most dominant names in the world of Bluetooth communication devices for motorcycle riders, and they’ve been making and refining these things from the very beginning. They have a diverse product line with something for every kind of rider, from the entry-level SMH-10R, to the industry standard 10-series, to the awesome 10C that combines a communication device and an action camera to make a motovloggers dream-come-true!

SENA SMH-10R Sportbike Bluetooth Communication System

Sena SMH-10R Sportbike Bluetooth Stereo Headset/Intercom

Sena’s full-featured, entry level Bluetooth communicator can be purchased by itself or as a set to use with a passenger or with your riding partner. With a starting price of just over $200, this is where to start if you want to try out a communication device, but aren’t sure you want to drop hundreds on a flagship model.


  • Bluetooth version 3.0
  • Up to 900M range (best for communicating with a passenger or with one other rider)
  • Responds to voice prompts
  • streaming music playback
  • Lightweight and ultra-slim profile
  • 2 year warranty

SENA 10s Bluetooth Communication System

Sena 10S Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System

The 10S, along with its variants the 10U and 10R, is the “gold standard” in Bluetooth communication devices, and by far their most popular seller. It has all the features you need, is affordable (starting at only $239), and between the three variations, you can get the all the work Sena has put into perfecting its leading communicator, tailored for your specific needs. Check it out!


  • Bluetooth 4.1 (most current version)
  • Up to 900m range
  • Water-resistant
  • Up to 4 riders can talk in “full duplex” (constant two way conversation)

SENA 20S EVO Bluetooth Communication System

Sena 20S EVO

The Sena 20S is their state-of-the-art model, with all the essential features found in the 10 series, but with a longer range, and the ability to add more riders to your group. The 20S includes a cool feature called “audio multitasking,” which creates a seamless blend of your audio transmissions, so it doesn’t create an annoying abrupt “break” when switching from one feature to another.

• Bluetooth 4.1
• Up to 2km range (1.2 miles)
• Doubles number of riders on single network to 8
• Easy to use jog dial configuration
• Hands free voice activation
• HD audio speakers
• Audio Multitasking for seamless blending of audio features

SENA 10C-Pro Bluetooth Camera & Communication System

SENA 10C-Pro Bluetooth Camera/Communication System

When you want a quality bluetooth communications system and HD quality camera to catch the action, the SENA 10C-Pro is the perfect solution. Enjoy crystal clear communication with your bluetooth wearing buddies with a 1-mile range while you’re capturing 1440p quality video for up to 2 hours. Many would consider the 10C-PRO the perfect too for moto-vloggers since it not only captures all the action, but also records the audio to go along with it making it the perfect all-in-one package. Priced at $349, you’d be hard pressed to find two components to work in unison like this for the same pricepoint. Check it out!


  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • Weather-resistant construction
  • Camera records in 1080p/30fps, with both photo burst and time-lapse features
  • Can record your own voice to your audio recordings
  • Can record on camera while retaining full functionality of Bluetooth communicator
  • Advanced noise cancellation
  • Built-in FM radio tunerScala Rider


Scala Rider is another one of the biggest names in Bluetooth communicators for motorcycle riders, and they have some of the premiere products in the segment in their lineup. If you want the best performance in intercom communication between riders, Scala Rider is going to be the way to go.

Scala-Rider Cardo Q-Solo Bluetooth Communication System

Cardo Q-Solo

As one of the leaders in the Bluetooth Comm’s game, Scala-Rider is continually improving their products and Cardo Q-Solo Communicator is the proof. This lightweight communicator is IP67 rated, meaning that it is fully dust and waterproof, provides 10-hours of talk time and has a feature to automatically adjust volume to compensate for ambient noise. It’s definitely on our list of top BT systems to check out.


  • Full IP67 water and dustproof
  • Aerodynamic and discrete design
  • Voice controlled operation
  • 10-Hour battery life
  • Auto volume, adjusts automatically to the surrounding ambiace level

Still confused about how you can make the best use out of a Bluetooth communicator, or which unit will be best for you? It is a confusing topic, but we’re here for you! Call us at (888) 339-3888, email us at [email protected], or use the Live Chat feature on our site and we’ll help you find a unit you’ll love!

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