5 Bucket List Motorcycle Rides In North America



Depending on where you live, you still might be shoveling snow from your driveway. With each falling snowflake, you’re thinking of the day when you can raise the garage door and roll your steed out the door. There’s no better time than now to start planning an epic trip to some of the most scenic and exciting rides in the country, and we’ve got 5 that you’ll want to add to your bucket list.



Tail of The Dragon


If you’re looking for a rush, this is the road that you’ve been looking for. With over 300 curves crammed into 11-miles this road is the adrenaline junkies dream.

Photo Courtesy: www.roadtrippers.com

Anyone who rides on 2 wheels, knows of the legendary US 129, also known Tail of The Dragon. This 11-mile strip of road that winds its way through the hills of Deals Gap, North Carolina features 318 uninterrupted curves and appeals to everyone from sport bike and cruiser riders to sports car enthusiasts. For obvious reasons, the peak season ranges from spring through fall and because of its popularity it can get crowded with people who are all looking for the same rush as you. If you like spots of interest, simply stop at the “Tree of Shame” where you’ll find parts nailed to the tree from riders who’ve not made it through the trail unscathed. Check out maps of this iconic road and others in the area at Tail of The Dragon Maps. .



Cherohala Skyway

What the Cherohala Skyway lacks in excitement, it makes up in scenery when compared to Tail of The Dragon.

Photo Courtesy: Discovery Channel

If you’ve made the trek to ride Tail of The Dragon, be sure to take a little jaunt and include the Cherohala Skyway on your adventure. While it doesn’t feature many twists and turns as the Tail of The Dragon, it’s 45-mile length is plenty to keep you happy. When mapped out as a large loop, these two roads connect for a fun 120-mile loop of scenic landscape and winding road excitement. The Cherohala Skyway runs along the Tellico River that offers plenty of other activities if you want some excitement out of the saddle. Some of the most popular water activities are premier trout fishing and canoeing, so plan for a little extra time if you’ve got it to spare.



Needles Highway


If you ever attend the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, be sure to take a spin on this awesome highway named after the granite formations that line it. Be sure to keep the speeds down and take in the scenery while you keep an eye out for wildlife.

Photo Courtesy: Unknown

If you’ve ever ventured out to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, chances are that you’ve been on this super scenic highway. If you’re looking for a road that’s about dragging knees and hitting top speeds, think about going somewhere else. This road is 14-miles of majestic scenery through forests, meadows and some amazing rugged granite formations that give the highway its name. Other features of this ride are the two tunnels (Iron Creek Tunnel and Needles Eye Tunnel) that have been blasted through sheer granite walls for you to pass through. Make sure you’re on alert when riding as it’s not uncommon to come across some large wildlife like bison, deer and antelope. Learn more about this amazing ride and the surrounding amenities by visiting www.custerresorts.com .



The Three Sisters (aka The Twisted Sisters)


The Three (Twisted) Sisters is a ride where you’d never expect it and is almost as good as Texas BBQ….. Almost.

Photo Courtesy: www.motorcycleforum.com

The next ride in our list takes you to the great state of Texas. Yeah, you read that right. Texas isn’t all flat and boring when you’re taking 131-mile long route known as The Twisted Sisters. This route follows along clear rivers and has plenty of twisties to keep things interesting as you occasionally pass massive ranches that you’d expect when going through this massive state. If you’re looking for some for even more things to do while on this trip, be sure to pack your fishing pole. Since the route runs along the Nueces River be sure to drop a line and try your luck for some largemouth and smallmouth bass, green sunfish, rock bass and Rio Grande Perch. Want to learn more about this ride? Check out this informative website that’s loaded with plenty of information. www.RideTexas.com



CA Hwy 1


Plan a vacation out of this ride and see some of the most beautiful coastline you’ve ever seen with plenty of twisties to keep you happy. Be sure to stop and explore places of interest like Monterey Bay, Santa Monica and more!

Photo Courtesy: www.motoquest.com

They say that the west coast is the best coast and when it comes to California’s Hwy 1, we’d have to agree. If you’re planning on doing this ride, we suggest on taking at least a week since this ride is just over 655-miles and has you going along some of the most scenic coastline that you’ll ever see. While the Hwy actually starts in Dana Point, we suggest starting where BikeBandit.com calls home, San Diego. Along the route you’ll go want to stop and explore places like Santa Barbara, Monterey Bay, San Francisco and so much more! We guarantee that you’ll love this trip and rank it as the highest on our bucket list of motorcycle rides. Find out more on this epic journey by visiting www.motorcycleroads.com



There you have it! What do you think about our list? Do you agree or disagree with the areas and routes we’re suggesting? If we’ve sparked your interest we want to see photos from your adventure. If you have suggestions on places we’ve not put in this list then please share them in the comments. Till then, keep it on 2-wheels!

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