5 MORE Bucket List Rides In North America



Wow….. Our Top 5 Bucket List Rides In North America was a hit! And because we asked what you thought about our list and if we missed any, we received an overwhelming response resulting in our EXTENDED list of 5 MORE Bucket List Rides in North America. Hopefully you’ll love what you see here and give some a try, if you haven’t already. We’ve got roads on both the West and East Coast, some north of the border and even one that looks like it could double for a road in the Swiss Alps. If you see what you like or have even been to some of these rides, feel free to leave a comment below. Even better, if you’ve got photos from some of these rides you can share them on our Facebook page!


Palomar Mountain Loop

Whether you’re looking for a challenge or a leisurely cruise, the Palomar Mountain Loop is sure to make you happy.

Photo Courtesy: San Diego Union Tribune

If you live in Southern California and ride, chances are that you know this loop well and have done it numerous times. This 35 mile loop is considered one of the “most technical roads in Southern California” according to MotorcycleRoads.com and is the perfect place for a knee dragging adrenaline junkie. If you’re more of a cruiser, there’s plenty of scenery as the route runs through the mountains of Cleveland National Forest. “Mothers Kitchen” is a favorite stop for riders to hang out and grab a bite to eat on this ride, so be sure to check it out.


Beartooth Highway

While it looks like it should be in the Alps, this road is in the heart of America and leads into one of our greatest National Parks.

Photo Courtesy: MapQuest Travel

This next ride looks like it was taken from a Swiss Alps climbing stage in the Tour de France. The Beartooth Highway is 68 miles of winding road through parts of Wyoming and Montana and leads into the Northeast entrance of Yellowstone National Park. This winding highway is filled with extreme elevation (peak of 10,947 feet) and some of the most scenic terrain you’ll ever encounter as the roads go up and down the steep terrain. If you make your way into Yellowstone, you’ll likely encounter some large wildlife so be prepared. Note that this is a seasonal route that traditionally opens on Memorial Day weekend but that could be delayed based on current road conditions and snowpack. One common warning we’ve heard from multiple riders that have taken this route is to enjoy the ride and do it with caution as many of the turns can get littered with gravel from the mountainsides.


Million Dollar Highway

The Million Dollar Highway is another treasure located in the heart of America. Best traveled by motorcycle in the summer months, you’re sure to enjoy this mountainous adventure.

Photo Courtesy: InformationInn.com

Want a ride that offers some of the most amazing scenery you could ask for but also puts you at pucker level 10? Then this is the road that you’ll want to check out! Running through Colorado’s San Juan Mountains, the Million Dollar Highway is 81 miles of twisties, technical corners and breathtaking views of towering rock walls and vistas. While the technical aspect of this road might have the road racer in you chomping at the bit, we suggest you make this a leisurely ride to take in the sights because you need to stay on your toes its technical aspect, lack of guardrails and sheer cliffs. We don’t want this ride to be the finale of your bucket list. You can find even more information on this ride by clicking here.


The Pig Trail

We’d like to consider this ride a jem of the Ozarks. The Pig Trail is 24 miles of motorcycle fun with great scenery to make it even better.

Photo Courtesy: Discovery Channel

As we make our way east, this ride known as “The Arkansas Dragon,” The Pig Trail is a 24 mile stretch through the heart of the Arkansas Boston Mountains. USA Today claims that this is the #2 ride in America, but we just consider it one of the greatest in the country. The route many times runs through tunnels of foliage and is filled with plenty of hairpin turns, straights and breathtaking drop-offs and cliffs. Peak times for this ride are early Spring when wildflowers are in bloom or Fall as the autumn colors dominate the views.


The Blue Ridge Parkway

We don’t know about you, but this picture alone says enough about this ride to make us put it on our bucket list.

Photo Courtesy: www.exploreboone.com

Our last top 5 list saved the longest for the last, so it’s only right we do the same here. The Blue Ridge Parkway isn’t the most exciting ride in the way of adrenaline pumping winding roads, but where it lacks in thrill it more than makes up in scenery and views. We’re not saying that it doesn’t have its thrills along the way, but to the real appreciation for this ride comes from what you see on your ride. Along this route you’ll find some of the oldest mountains in the world, oldest river in North America, Deepest Gorge east of the Grand Canyon and highest waterfall east of the Rockies. The most coveted season of the year is Fall, when the autumn colors can’t be missed along your journey. For more information on the Blue Ridge Parkway and all that you can experience along your journey, visit www.exploreboone.com.

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