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The Baja 1000 is already synonymous for being one of the toughest races on equipment and racers; throw in some last minute changes to the course and extremely muddy conditions —- you’re in for a nightmare!

Giovanni Spinali, our very own, wrapped up the 2019 SCORE International Pro Moto 50 Championship, making him and the BikeBandit/Veys Powersports sponsored Yamaha 450FX back-to-back Class Champions. We would like to congratulate Giovanni for his remarkable accomplishments in desert racing and for being able to carry the team to a finish at this unforgiving race.
It takes a team to be competitive in off-road racing; especially at a race like the Baja 1000. Pit crews await patiently along the race course for the arrival of their race cars.

The Baja 1000 is an off-road desert race held in Ensenada, Mexico. Many variations have featured a point-to-point race that ranges from Ensenada to La Paz, as well as a loop style race from Ensenada to Ensenada.

It has been home to the world’s best desert racers from various generations such as Malcolm Smith, Johhny Campbell, Larry Roeseler, Danny Hamel, Robby Gordon, Andy Mcmillin, and many others.

Other forms of long distance off-road racing are usually raced in stages; not the Baja 1000. The Baja 1000 is the only off-road race to race 1000 miles non-stop, all day long and through the night. This race will not only test man and machine, it will strain every last piece of you.

For the first time in many years the legendary SCORE International Baja 1000 race saw a 24 hour delay to the start because of the insane amounts of rain that resulted in lagoons and deep mud throughout the race course.

SCORE International was posed with a high-priority situation that needed to be dealt with ASAP. The 7pm meeting on Friday discussed the course changes that would result in an escort out of town and a new “official start” location.

265 starters from all around the globe took the green flag on Saturday morning and headed out into the mud. Motorcycles and Quads started at 3:00AM; there was an approximate 6-1/2 hour gap between the last Moto/Quad and the first SCORE Trophy Truck.

Pitting in off-road racing isn’t like pitting in any other form of Motorsport. It is very demanding and requires lots of “chasing” throughout the most remote areas of the course. Pit crews often relocate and set up more than one stop in their respective sections.

This years edition of the SCORE International Baja 1000 saw one of the lowest finishing rates in years. Many of the top racers in numerous different classes would not be able to finish this grueling off-road desert race. Those who finished felt like they won, and those who won felt invincible.

Among those elite racers, Justin Morgan out of El Cajon CA would be the fastest on two wheels; completing the race in 17 Hours, 34 minutes, and 28 seconds!

Adolfo Arellano would be the fastest quad to finish with a total time of 21 Hours, 1 Minute, and 18 Seconds.

The fastest driver in the Trophy Truck division would be Ensenada native, Alan Ampudia, with a total time of 16 Hours, 10 Minutes, and 35 Seconds. This would be the first time in the history of SCORE International that a driver from Ensenada would win the Baja 1000.

Sara Price would go on to finish 2nd in Trophy Truck Spec behind AJ Jones, with a total time of 19 Hours, 28 Minutes, and 39 seconds. She would be crowned the 2019 SCORE International Trophy Spec Points Championship and becoming the first Woman to do so. Not only did she podium every single race this year, Sara drove every single mile of every race! Talk about an IRONWOMAN…

Kristen Matlock would take home the Pro UTV Naturally Aspirated Victory as an IRONWOMAN driver, beating all of the boys with a total time of 21 Hours, 55 Minutes, and 40 Seconds.

Our very own, Giovanni Spinali would be the first Pro Moto 50 rider to cross the finish line in his class. Unfortunately a penalty was earned for a missed VCP and would cost him the official win by 1 Minute and 21 Seconds. It wasn’t all too bad, however; Spinali would earn his 3rd SCORE World Championship and 2nd in a row…

Nick Gust 35x KTM

The Baja 1000 holds a special place in all of our hearts here at BikeBandit. It is such a unique and unforgettable event that we look forward to each and every year. For now, this one will go down as one of the most historical to date. See you guys out there next year!

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