Motorcycle History: Kawasaki Motors and Kawasaki Heavy Industries

We know Kawasaki as one of the “Big Four” Japanese manufacturers in the motorcycle world, best known for it’s powerful motorcycles and signature lime green color. But building motorcycles is far from all Kawasaki does – learn more about the industrial giant’s nearly 140-year long history which includes building cargo ships, aircraft, locomotives, and even spacecraft! [More]

2018 Adelanto Grand Prix

The opening round of the Big 6 Grand Prix series was held in the sleepy High Desert community of Adelanto, California. Adelanto's town motto is -”The City with Unlimited Possibilities”. One of those possibilities is this particular event, which had a long list of attendee's and participants (over 2000 riders this year alone). [More]

Why We Ride

It seems like a simple enough question. Why do we ride motorcycles? For many of us the concept is so ingrained that is hard to put into words. It is life, it is freedom, it is the open road. I believe it’s something that we as motorcyclists share in common. I also believe it is something that each of us long to share with others. Yet for some reason the world is not getting the message. [More]

Hybrid Powerplants May Be Coming To UTVs

They started as an odd, little-understood powerplant in passenger cars like the Toyota Prius, but now, combination internal combustion and electric powerplants – known as hybrids - can be found in everything from cars to commercial trucks. Now, Polaris appears to be planning to put a hybrid in a UTV – and the potential benefits are excellent! [More]

The Next Generation of Three-Wheelers Is Coming

Three wheelers have been around as long as motorcycles have, but have always been an oddball niche in the riding world. But with reverse trikes like the Can-Am Spyder and Polaris Slingshot enjoying so much market success, OEMs are now developing the next generation of three-wheelers that lean just like motorcycles do - and they are a lot more exciting than we anticipated! [More]

5 Reasons You Should be Following the 2018 Dakar Rally

The Dakar Rally is the world's most epic off-road race, and with over 40 million tuning in to watch last year, is the second-most watched motorsports event on the planet. But if you're still not paying attention to this dramatic 14-day long overland rally race, here are 5 good reasons you should start now! [More]
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