Indian Builds The Flat Track-Inspired Street Bike We’ve Been Hoping For

Indian has been crushing it the last few years in sales, customer satisfaction, and even in their flat track racing program, which has been one of the reborn company’s highlights. Their FTR750 race bike is one of the best-looking American-built race bikes out there - and as we’ve been hoping for, Indian finally built a street bike built on the awesome platform. And it looks very production-ready! [More]

The 5 Hottest New Bikes Released at EICMA 2017

The motorcycle industry’s most important show is going on right now in Milan, Italy, where many top manufacturers release their most exciting new models for the upcoming year. There is always a plethora of exciting new models and developments to look at every year at EICMA, but this years show demonstrated two undeniable trends – 2018 will be the beginning of the age of middleweights, and even more so, of the middleweight adventure bike. Check out our list of the 5 most exciting new releases at this year’s EICMA, and see if you agree! [More]

The Bizarre-Looking Yamaha Niken Is The Coolest Three Wheeler Made Yet

The three-wheeler market has been growing steadily, as consumers who can’t (or don’t want to) ride motorcycles find three-wheelers to be a safer alternative. But now, Yamaha just blew the expectations of the three-wheeler market apart with the new Niken, an awesome-looking leaning three-wheeler that will deliver the most sport bike-like experience ever on three wheels! [More]

How To: Build An Adventure Riding Survival Kit

You should always have some tire repairing supplies and a tool kit on board when you venture off the beaten path on a motorcycle. But when things go really sideways on an adventure ride, and the bike just isn’t going to budge, you may need to go into survival mode – that’s when the real adventure begins! Check out our quick guide to building an adventure riding survival kit. [More]

How To: Sell a Used Motorcycle

Selling a motorcycle can be a huge hassle – fixing it up, keeping it clean, and posting a good ad are already frustrating…and that’s before you even start dealing with the low-ballers and tire-kickers! But there is a systematic way to make your bike as marketable as possible and getting top dollar for it, and we’ll show you how it’s done in this helpful guide. [More]

Ride Review: Does the 2018 Harley-Davidson Fat Bob Live Up To The Hype?

Harley-Davidson rocked the motorcycle world with last month’s announcement of its 2018 lineup, where it killed off the Dyna, consolidating the most popular Dynas into a dramatically redesigned Softail line. The most noteworthy bike was the 2018 Fat Bob, an unusual looking Harley that drew the ire of Harley faithful, but is at the core of H-D’s push to appeal to a new generation of riders. Is this bike as good on the road as it is on paper? We report, you decide. [More]

The Dunlop Dynasty: Road Racing’s Most Famous Family

The Dunlop name is familiar to any fan of road racing and Isle of Man TT in particular, and not because of tires – the Dunlops are a championship racing family from Ireland that has been winning races for nearly 50 years. From legendary racer Joey Dunlop, to his talented and fiery nephew Michael, we introduce you to a true road racing dynasty – and the glory and tragedy that is a part of it. [More]
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