If This Really is the 2018 Honda Gold Wing, It Is One Sexy Beast

It all started earlier this week, when some unusually perfect looking photos of a modern-looking luxury touring motorcycle surfaced on the internet. It’s badging showed it was unmistakably a Honda, and the big luxurious bagger could only be a Gold Wing – but if this is the new Wing for 2018, what features will it have? We break down the photos of this awesome new touring bike for you. [More]

Valentino Rossi Back in the Saddle Only 3 Weeks After Broken Leg

In early September, MotoGP fans were shocked to hear that Valentino Rossi, the series’ most widely loved star, suffered a broken leg in an enduro riding accident, and could be out for the rest of the season. But they were even more shocked to hear that he was already recovered and would be back on the grid at Aragon – a mere 23 days later! Read about the 9-time champ’s miraculous recovery here! [More]

Skully Finds Investors Crazy Enough To Attempt To Revive Failed Company

Skully, the infamous company that collapsed after it’s founders squandered millions in funding meant to develop a futuristic augmented reality helmet, is back in the news. Renamed Skully Technologies, the brand is being revived under new ownership who promise to “make things right.” But is the Skully name too tarnished to ever succeed in the motorcycle industry? [More]

The Life and Death of the Dyna

Harley-Davidson quietly killed off the famous Dyna product line for 2018 without so much as an official announcement, simply merging it’s Dyna products into the new Softail platform. But the "performance" Big-Twin-powered Dyna, with its signature rubber-mounted engine and twin rear shocks, had a huge following among Harley riders both young and old, so we are commemorating the popular model in this Motorcycle History piece. [More]

Aprilia Introduces Virtual Reality to Motorcycling…But Not How You Might Think

Tech experts agree, the next major technological revolution on the horizon will be in virtual reality devices, immersing users in simulated worlds where they can do everything from play video games to solve engineering problems. But Aprilia is already using virtual reality for their MotoGP team – and it’s not for their riders, but instead, for their crew! Learn how here. [More]

Top 10 Most Popular Modifications for the Honda Gold Wing

It’s not just one of the best sport touring bikes on the planet – it is in fact the benchmark for the entire category, the standard by which all other sport touring motorcycles are judged. But as amazing as the Honda Gold Wing is, there are plenty of ways you can make it an even better machine and customize it for you – here are 10 of our customer favorites! [More]

Shinko Motorcycle Tires Buyer’s Guide

Often, words like “value” or “budget” when used to describe products are like a code to say something is just plain cheap - but Shinko motorcycle tires will completely change your opinion about that! Check out the brand that’s been storming the market with solidly performing tires for all riding styles at prices that are so affordable, you may never go back to buying expensive premium tires. [More]

Ducati Announces a V4 Superbike For The Masses

Used most often in the multi-million dollar race bikes of MotoGP, a V4 is widely considered to be the ultimate superbike motor. But high-performance V4s, especially those from Italian superbike maker Ducati, have always been way out of reach for most riders – until now! Check out the awesome, recolutionary new V4 that will be replacing the already potent L-twin in Ducati’s premier superbikes. [More]
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