10 Most Important Things to Look At When Buying A Used Bike

Buying a used bike can be a stressful ordeal, because there just aren’t the same resources out there for you to use as there are in the used auto market. Don’t be scared off though – awesome used bikes hit the market at great prices all the time! Here’s how to make sure the one you’re looking at is a dream and not a nightmare. [More]

Valentino Rossi – Chasing A Setting Sun

Is Rossi losing pace to today’s front runners? We don’t think so. For years Valentino looked to one or two riders as his primary rivals. Marc Marquez and Jorge Lorenzo have been the top protagonists of late. These front runners would dispatch the rest of the field early and stage a race of their own for the win. But now the field is stacked with far more talent and they are on winning bikes too... [More]

The 5 Most Extreme Motorcycle Races in the World

⦁ Every motorcycle race is a test of rider and machine against not only other riders, but against the course itself. But only a few races are so extreme they often result in injury and death for participants – but the joy of winning, or of even just finishing, makes all the risk worthwhile. Check out the 5 most extreme motorcycle races in the world here! [More]

Fairing Unfairness: Winglets, Ducts, and Weird Fairings in MotoGP

Odd-looking winglets, ducts, and fairings have increasingly been a part of the ultra-high-performance prototype race bikes in MotoGP in recent years. But almost as fast as manufacturers develop them, Dorna’s rules smack them back down. See why these weird winged fairings are such a controversial topic in MotoGP, and why teams won’t stop trying to sneak them in! [More]

The Unrideables: The 500cc Two-Stroke Era in GP Racing

Today’s 240-plus horsepower MotoGP bikes take an incredible amount of skill for even the best racers in the world to control. But they are nothing compared to the wildly powerful, brutally accelerating, crash-prone 500cc two-strokes used in GP racing for nearly three decades. Check out the history of these beastly race bikes that scare even the best riders on earth! [More]

Electric KTM Freeride Finally Coming to USA

For years KTM has been teasing us with it’s light, fun, and all-electric dirt bike, the Freeride E-XC, which has only been available in Europe since its introduction. Now, the Austrian off-roading giant is finally sending it’s capable e-bike across the pond for us to enjoy – but there’s a down side! [More]

FOX Riding Gear Buyer’s Guide

Fox has dominated the high-end dirt riding market for years with stylish, functional, high quality gear that always delivers – and now, they’re finally part of the BikeBandit family! Fox has a whole selection of spectacular gear to choose from for the upcoming riding season, and here, we’re featuring the latest and greatest. [More]
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