Will Yamaha Rescue the SuperSport Class With The New R6?

Just as the shrinking 600cc supersport market loses one of its icons, the Honda CBR600RR, to declining sales, Yamaha sends an adrenaline shot straight to the heart of the middleweight sport bike segment with the radically redesigned all-new R6. Will this bike be what wins riders back into 600cc supersport class? [More]

The Sexiest 250 Ever Made? Honda’s New CBR250RR

Not too long ago, 250s were just buzzy, ugly beginner bikes riders couldn’t wait to grow out of. But times have changed – the small-bore sport bike market is booming, and now they have looks even liter bikes would be jealous of – like this one, Honda’s all-new CBR250RR! [More]

The Slow Death of the 600cc Supersport

Honda’s announced elimination of the legendary sport bike staple, the CBR600RR, signals a sea change in the future of the motorcycle market. As liter-class superbikes get all the glory and 600s slowly die off, we ask – were the once ubiquitous 600cc supersports victims of their own success? [More]
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