Shinko Motorcycle Tires Buyer’s Guide

Often, words like “value” or “budget” when used to describe products are like a code to say something is just plain cheap - but Shinko motorcycle tires will completely change your opinion about that! Check out the brand that’s been storming the market with solidly performing tires for all riding styles at prices that are so affordable, you may never go back to buying expensive premium tires. [More]

Brand vs. Brand! Michelin Commander II vs. Dunlop American Elite

Brand vs. Brand: where we stack two rival brands against each other in an honest and fair-minded showdown, to help you choose which one is not just best - but best for you. In this segment, we compare two of the most popular American cruiser tires on the market: the Michelin Commander II vs. the Dunlop American Elite. Who's really the top dog in cruiser tires - and why? [More]
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