Rally Ready Middleweights: Is This The Next Generation of ADV?

The Adventure segment has grown by leaps and bounds in the last several years, but it is still defined by massive bikes with huge engines that can be very intimidating for many riders. The market has been demanding lighter, smaller, ADV bikes for years, and now - highlighted by Yamaha’s Tenere T7 concept just released - it looks like we may finally get our wishes. Will rally-inspired middleweights be the next generation of ADV bikes? [More]

Why Honda’s Silly ADV Scooter Maybe Isn't So Silly

We raised our eyebrows at Honda’s “City Adventure” concept released last year, an ADV scooter with supposed adventure capabilities. Well it was just announced for production in 2017, and after looking it over, it may not be such a silly idea after all. Will the new X-ADV Scooter be coming to America? [More]
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