Leaked Drawings Reveal Possible New Honda 'Monkey'

Honda's fun, funky little Grom stormed the market in 2014, and ended up being an international hit even bigger than Honda could have hoped for. Now, leaked patent drawings show that Big Red might be doubling down on their mini-bike success with a modern new twist on their classic Z50 "Monkey" bike, and you get to see it here first! [More]

Why Honda’s Silly ADV Scooter Maybe Isn't So Silly

We raised our eyebrows at Honda’s “City Adventure” concept released last year, an ADV scooter with supposed adventure capabilities. Well it was just announced for production in 2017, and after looking it over, it may not be such a silly idea after all. Will the new X-ADV Scooter be coming to America? [More]

2016 Electric Motorcycles Brand Overview

The most rapidly advancing and possibly the most exciting segment in the motorcycle industry is electric motorcycles. But with fast developments come fast changes, and manufacturers are starting, growing, merging, and dying faster in this space than any other. See what’s hot, what’s not, and what’s on the horizon for electric bikes right now! [More]

The Slow Death of the 600cc Supersport

Honda’s announced elimination of the legendary sport bike staple, the CBR600RR, signals a sea change in the future of the motorcycle market. As liter-class superbikes get all the glory and 600s slowly die off, we ask – were the once ubiquitous 600cc supersports victims of their own success? [More]
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