Hybrid Powerplants May Be Coming To UTVs

They started as an odd, little-understood powerplant in passenger cars like the Toyota Prius, but now, combination internal combustion and electric powerplants – known as hybrids - can be found in everything from cars to commercial trucks. Now, Polaris appears to be planning to put a hybrid in a UTV – and the potential benefits are excellent! [More]

To Save Motorcycling, We Need To Ride More…And Take New Riders With Us

Motorcycling is dying in the U.S. – as older riders rapidly age out of the sport, far fewer ones are taking their place, making motorcyclists an endangered species in America. An industry think tank organized by former Indian Motorcycles executive Robert Pandya recently gathered to find out why this is happening, and what we can do about it. The verdict? If motorcycling can be saved in the U.S., we will all have a part in doing it. [More]

U.S. Senate Forms First Ever Motorcycle Caucus

Riding motorcycles is fun, but let’s face it - we’re the minority out there on the road, and with little funding and few organizations dedicated to the issues that affect us, it’s a challenge to get our voices heard. But now, motorcyclists have a new ally in the fight for our rights – and it’s at the highest levels in the federal government! [More]

Video: KTM Finally Shows Off The Revolutionary 790 Duke

Many call the KTM 1290 Superduke “the wheelie king” – but that’s about to change, if its athletic new little brother has anything to do with it. Check out this video of the new KTM 790 Duke prototype that has the moto world buzzing, and see how this bike could signal the beginning of a whole new era for the Austrian juggernaut! [More]

Rally Ready Middleweights: Is This The Next Generation of ADV?

The Adventure segment has grown by leaps and bounds in the last several years, but it is still defined by massive bikes with huge engines that can be very intimidating for many riders. The market has been demanding lighter, smaller, ADV bikes for years, and now - highlighted by Yamaha’s Tenere T7 concept just released - it looks like we may finally get our wishes. Will rally-inspired middleweights be the next generation of ADV bikes? [More]

Polaris Struggling After Q3 Sales Dip Nearly 20%

Polaris has been getting hammered in the news this year over large-scale recalls of their popular RZR side-by-sides due to overheating issues that were causing them to catch on fire. But now, the powersports vehicle manufacturer is feeling the burn on the money side as Q3 reports show a drastic dip in sales – right after the firm completed its biggest purchase in its history! [More]

Will Yamaha Rescue the SuperSport Class With The New R6?

Just as the shrinking 600cc supersport market loses one of its icons, the Honda CBR600RR, to declining sales, Yamaha sends an adrenaline shot straight to the heart of the middleweight sport bike segment with the radically redesigned all-new R6. Will this bike be what wins riders back into 600cc supersport class? [More]

Leaked Drawings Reveal Possible New Honda 'Monkey'

Honda's fun, funky little Grom stormed the market in 2014, and ended up being an international hit even bigger than Honda could have hoped for. Now, leaked patent drawings show that Big Red might be doubling down on their mini-bike success with a modern new twist on their classic Z50 "Monkey" bike, and you get to see it here first! [More]

Why Honda’s Silly ADV Scooter Maybe Isn't So Silly

We raised our eyebrows at Honda’s “City Adventure” concept released last year, an ADV scooter with supposed adventure capabilities. Well it was just announced for production in 2017, and after looking it over, it may not be such a silly idea after all. Will the new X-ADV Scooter be coming to America? [More]

Was Skully a Sham? Whistle-blowing Ex-Employee Says It Was

Earlier this month, high-tech helmet maker Skully announced that it was going under after leaving millions of dollars of orders still unfulfilled. But a week later, a former accountant at Skully came out saying the real story was that the founders sunk the company, spending extravagantly on corporate entitlements paid for by crowdfunding, then just walking away when the money dried up. Was Skully a victim of genuine business challenges, or a get-rich-quick scheme hidden behind a cool-sounding gadget? [More]

High-Tech Helmet Company Skully Closes Doors After Ousting Founder

Skully, the company that ambitiously tried to create the most technologically advanced motorcycle helmet ever made, closed it's doors without announcement this week - after spending millions of dollars of investment capital, delaying product deliveries for over a year, and firing the company's founder. What caused Skully's fall from being the most successful crowd-funding campaign ever to complete collapse? [More]

The Slow Death of the 600cc Supersport

Honda’s announced elimination of the legendary sport bike staple, the CBR600RR, signals a sea change in the future of the motorcycle market. As liter-class superbikes get all the glory and 600s slowly die off, we ask – were the once ubiquitous 600cc supersports victims of their own success? [More]
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