Hybrid Powerplants May Be Coming To UTVs

They started as an odd, little-understood powerplant in passenger cars like the Toyota Prius, but now, combination internal combustion and electric powerplants – known as hybrids - can be found in everything from cars to commercial trucks. Now, Polaris appears to be planning to put a hybrid in a UTV – and the potential benefits are excellent! [More]

Polaris Struggling After Q3 Sales Dip Nearly 20%

Polaris has been getting hammered in the news this year over large-scale recalls of their popular RZR side-by-sides due to overheating issues that were causing them to catch on fire. But now, the powersports vehicle manufacturer is feeling the burn on the money side as Q3 reports show a drastic dip in sales – right after the firm completed its biggest purchase in its history! [More]

Polaris Recall: Stop Ride? How About Stop Payment!

In late July, Polaris issued a stop-sale/stop-ride recall of many of it's popular RZR UTVs that made a lot of owners unhappy - especially since they still had to make payments on something they could no longer even use! This happens from time to time in the powersports industry, and every company deals with it differently - we talk about a few of them, and see what you think is the "right" way to deal with these frustrating situations. [More]
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