Motorcycle Brake Pads & Rotors Explained, by Galfer USA

Every motorcycle on the road has brakes, and most bikes use pads and rotors – but how much do you really know about these essential parts, other than that they just make you stop? We wanted to take a deeper look at pads and rotors and how they actually work, so we asked a technical expert at performance braking giant Galfer USA for the inside scoop. Some awesome info here! [More]

Brand v. Brand: Sena vs. UClear vs. Scala Rider

Brand vs. Brand: where we stack rival brands against each other in an honest and fair-minded showdown, to help you choose which one is not just best - but best for you. This week, we’re featuring the three top brands in Bluetooth communication devices, just in time for you to get one for your favorite rider for the Holidays! [More]

Carbon Fiber: The “Metal” of the Future

This year at EICMA, two spectacular new superbikes were released that are dripping with beautiful carbon fiber, from bodywork to wheels, subframes, swingarms, and even frames themselves. With carbon fiber taking the place of metal in more and more structural applications, we take a look at this exotic material and what makes it so strong, so light, and so good-looking! [More]

Kawasaki to Build Motorcycles with Artificial Intelligence

Kawasaki has announced plans to incorporate artificial intelligence into future motorcycles, with a system that can adapt to its rider, communicate with him, and get this – even sense emotions and develop its own personality! Check out the advanced (and mildly creepy) technology Kawasaki has in the works here. Knight Rider might be closer than you think… [More]

Was Skully a Sham? Whistle-blowing Ex-Employee Says It Was

Earlier this month, high-tech helmet maker Skully announced that it was going under after leaving millions of dollars of orders still unfulfilled. But a week later, a former accountant at Skully came out saying the real story was that the founders sunk the company, spending extravagantly on corporate entitlements paid for by crowdfunding, then just walking away when the money dried up. Was Skully a victim of genuine business challenges, or a get-rich-quick scheme hidden behind a cool-sounding gadget? [More]

High-Tech Helmet Company Skully Closes Doors After Ousting Founder

Skully, the company that ambitiously tried to create the most technologically advanced motorcycle helmet ever made, closed it's doors without announcement this week - after spending millions of dollars of investment capital, delaying product deliveries for over a year, and firing the company's founder. What caused Skully's fall from being the most successful crowd-funding campaign ever to complete collapse? [More]
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