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Off-roading is one of the most fun ways to get out there and enjoy nature. Unlike motorcycles or cars, when you’re on an ATV you can tackle trails or even blaze your own. There’s no need to stick to predetermined and well-traveled roads when you’re on an ATV, which is why this sport has become so popular.

However, if you want to enjoy getting off the beaten path safely you’re going to need to gear up. Us ladies who like to hit the trails need to have specialty gear made with our bodies (and skull sizes) in mind, which is why it’s important to shop specifically for women’s ATV riding gear. Particularly if you’ve gotten into the sport due to the inclinations of a man in your life it may be tempting to take hand-me-downs, but there’s no need. Purchasing ATV gear that’s made for a female fit is not only easy, it’s essential for safety and comfort.

Women’s Off-Roading Helmets

One of the most essential pieces of gear is the helmet. You never know when a bad turn in the trees might lead to a spill, so protecting your head is an absolute must. In this, it’s important for women to get helmets that are made to an appropriate size, as women tend to have smaller skulls than men. Basically, if that hand-me-down from your brother slides around your skull, it’s unlikely to help you much in a serious accident.

It’s also important to note that ATV helmets are designed differently than regular street bike helmets. First, they have a visor on top in order to help block dirt and debris that gets kicked up when dirt riding (often called “roost”). You ride at slower speeds on an ATV as compared to a street bike, but the amount of dirt and debris that you’ll be driving through requires a special helmet to deal with it. Additionally, the visor helps block the sun, since when dust gets on your goggles or face visor it can get tricky to see into shady areas with the glare.

It’s not recommended wear a totally open-face helmet while off-roading, either. There’s too much kickback for it to be comfortable or safe. Plus, you probably don’t want a mouthful of dirt.

Great ATV helmet options for ladies include the Fly Racing Elite Vigilant Helmet, which comes in an impressive six different colors to match any sort of gear or ride. It also has advanced ventilation systems for controlling moisture from sweat or breath. They also come in sizes x-small all the way up to xx-large, so everybody is likely to find a custom fit for their skull.

If you’re looking to make more of an investment into your helmet, the Shoei VFX-EVO Blazon Helmet is a great choice. Shoei is one of the top names in the helmet business for a reason: they have a Motion Energy Distribution System specially made to deflect impact in case of a spill. They also come with a fully removable and washable liner (a must), and an impressive 16 ventilation ports.

Women’s Off-Roading Gloves

With the amount of dirt/roost that gets thrown around while off-roading, protection for your hands is essential. However, getting the protection you need doesn’t have to be terribly expensive: a great budget option is the Thor Women’s Spectrum Gloves, which come in three different colors and hover around $20 for a pair. It offers rubber backhand protection and the construction is primarily mesh. If you think you’ll be spending most of your time off-roading when the weather is warm, this is a great choice.

For something more heavy-duty, try out the Alpinestars Limited Edition Battle Born Gloves. These are constructed from neoprene and suede and are actually intended for dirt bike racing, so the grip they’ll give you for precision steering is unparalleled. They even have a specific silicone patterning on the fingers for increased grip.

Finally, the Answer AR-5 Mud Pro Gloves come with an extra-long cuff, so if you hate getting dirt up under your sleeves this may be the answer. The fingers are also a specially constructed synthetic leather so you can use your electronic devices when the gloves are on.

Women’s ATV Boots

When off-roading, having the right pair of boots can be the difference between a great time out on the trails and several excruciating hours of discomfort. Trying to buy men’s sizes when you’re a woman can be a frustrating experience, so get it right the first time with a woman’s boot like the Thor Women’s Blitz Boots. These have a protective shin cover (a must) and offer three buckles so you can enjoy a custom fit. The mesh liner for improved airflow is also a serious plus.

Another great boot is the O’Neal Women’s Rider Boots 2017. These have official Goodyear rubber soles that can be replaced when worn out. They’re great on the ATV and also on the dirt bike and even on the track, so there are plenty of ways to get use out of this investment. These also feature the three-buckle lock system for a custom fit, and a metal toe guard helps keep your feet safe on the trail.

Women’s ATV Body Protection

Finally, women’s off-roading jackets and suits help protect the rest of your body when you’re out in nature. The Klim Women’s Altitude Jacket 2015 combines basically the best of everything in one jacket. It’s made out of Gore-Tex to keep you dry on the ATV, and features bicep, pit, and back vents to give maximum breathability on hot days. There’s even a jacket-to-pant zipper available so you can turn your jacket into a suit (read: no more dirt up your back). It also offers a plethora of zippered pockets for your personal items.

A less-expensive option from Klim is the Klim Women’s Whistler Jacket 2014. This jacket is lighter than the Altitude, but is still made from Gore Windstopper material to block wind and offer high water resistance while maintaining breathability. The bright pink color also ensures that you are visible from a distance: important for safety.

Make sure to purchase the best women’s ATV riding gear today so you can get out on the trail.



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