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Your street racer deserves the best tires on the market. Whether you’re looking to replace your worn-out OEM tires or need to upgrade to a luxurious set of wheels with superior performance, choose the right brand for your style. The sheer number of brands and tire styles can be overwhelming. To help you make sense of all these options, here is a head-to-head guide for two popular street tire brands: Avon and Shinko. Choose custom fit motorcycle tires that match your bike, your sense of style and your terrain. Ride hard, stay on the road and keep your bike feeling comfortable with these street tires.

Finding the Best Street Tires

When the weather takes a turn for the worst, staying on the road is easier said than done. While cruiser tires are designed to last longer and ride smoother, sometimes you need street tires for the improved grip and weather protection. Here are a few features to look for when shopping for the best street motorcycle tires:

-Tread type that matches your terrain and weather conditions
-Shorter sidewall for curvy conditions or taller sidewall for a smoother ride
-Correct load rating, width and aspect ratio for your bike
-Premium quality and long-lasting performance

The distinction of street bike tires is that they need to strike the perfect balance between comfort, durability and performance. The best street motorcycle tires need to navigate curves, enjoy smooth trips down the highway and perform well in harsh weather conditions.

Of course, the perfect balance changes depending on your location and riding style. No two bikes have the same setup. Whether you’re riding a Kawasaki Ninja that sticks to the streets or a mixed-use bike that is comfortable on and off the road, you need the right tires for the job. Here are some of the best and worst features of both Avon and Shinko tires for your street bike.

The Best of Avon Tires

Avon is a classic brand that races hard. Since 1904 they’ve been producing racing, street and off-road tires for bikes, race cars, trailers and more. These UK-made tires are professional quality and generally offer distinct advantages over traditional OEM tires.

Choose Avon street tires that offer a balance between grip and durability. The Avon AM26 Roadrider tires are a great example of this elegant balance. Made with bias ply, the outer angles of these tires have more than enough grip to handle sudden turns or traffic jams as you cruise around on your street ride.

There’s plenty of all-weather options available for street riding in rainy or snowy conditions. Aggressive tread patterns keep your tires gripping in even the worst conditions. Avon tires boast great speed ratings, with the Roadrider clocking in at 149 miles per hour V speed rated.

The Downside of Choosing Avon

In the world of motorcycle tires, superior handling and stickiness often comes with decreased durability. Improved traction comes from softer rubber, so your Avon tires won’t last as long as other street tire options.

One of the biggest downsides to our Avon tire reviews is the options available. Despite their international recognition, you may not find the perfect Avon selection for your ride. The dual-rubber construction helps balance durability and grip, but they don’t feature the same depth of tread as other street tires.

While more premium than Shinko tires, Avon tires can be more expensive. Many options are almost twice as expensive as comparable Shinko tires, so you need to make sure you get the performance and life span you need to make them count.

Advantages of Shinko Tires

With a proud history of high-performance tires, Shinko started out as a bicycle tire manufacturer in 1946. They’ve since expanded into a wide range of tires, including excellent street bike tires. Shinko street tires are rugged, durable and capable of handling any weather conditions you may face.

A great example of Shinko style and durable design is the Shinko 705. Rough and ready for any condition, the 705 is designed for 75% street and 25% off-roading. Thanks to the aggressive tread and durable rubber, these tires can take a beating and still give you excellent grip in wet weather. Speeding around curves and navigating snowy mountain trails has never been easier.

Choose the size and type that fits your bike and enjoy long-lasting performance. Shinko tires typically travel farther than Avon tires, so you can be confident that your street ride will stay on the street for longer. Shinko specializes in sportbike tires, but offers a range of tires for any riding style.

Perhaps best of all, Shinko tires are far more affordable than Avon tires. If you’re rough on your tires and expect to frequently swap out your street tires anyway, it makes sense to buy affordable tires that can still perform well in most situations you’ll face.

Disadvantages of Shinko Tires

Our Shinko tire reviews found them to be, overall, more durable than Avon tires, but Shinko tires didn’t fare as well when it came to traction. Whether navigating a curvy road in a rainstorm or coming to a sudden stop in a blizzard, Avon tires typically offer a stickier rubber for your street bike.

Depending on your gear and your ride, you may need a tire that boasts a higher load rating than most Shinko tires. These tires may be more affordable than Avon tires, but that can also mean decreased performance under extreme circumstances.

Get Your Bike Back on the Street Today

When choosing between Avon and Shinko for the best street tires for motorcycles, it all depends on your ride. If you’re hauling a heavy load and looking for a long-lasting tire with great traction, shop for Avon tires. Or, if your street ride is hard on tires and takes a few jaunts along off-road trails, grab a set of Shinko tires and enjoy an affordable alternative to pricey street tires. Whichever option you choose, be sure to select tires that match the specifications of your bike. Whether you’re bombing around a small town or navigating traffic jams in your city, be confident in your aftermarket tires.



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