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To me the best places in Baja are the ones that embody the unique vibe of the Mexican peninsula. They come in all shapes and sizes and represent the diversity of the Baja experience. One of those is the Gringo oasis known as Coyote Cal’s.

I say “gringo” in reference to proprietor and California ex-pat Rick Barnard. But in truth you would be hard pressed to find a more multicultural group. His wife Ta serves up some of the best Thai food anywhere and her traditional Thai massage is a must have after a long day in the saddle.

Local staff members Lalo, Tomas, Maricella and Roxanna lend a local flavor. As for guests; surfers, backpackers and Asian fishermen make up the clientele, along with motorcyclists of course. On a Saturday night, local ranchers and fishermen will roll into the bar to mingle with the guests.

Located about 60 miles south of Ensenada, Coyote Cal’s Hostel is the great weekend getaway. Of course it is a must see location for any Baja trip down the peninsula. It sits right on the Pacific Ocean near the village of Erendira. It is an easy drive. The way is paved except for the last couple of miles. The road is good enough for any type of vehicle.

Coyote Cal’s Hostel is more of a fun, funky hotel. Meals are available for guests. The Thai red curry chicken is amazing. It is a great comfort food kind of meal after a long day of riding. A hearty egg and waffle breakfast will get your day started. This season they are also offering Lobster curry which raises the dining experience to a whole new level.

The Barefoot bar is where you will find most of the guest hanging out. It is comfortable beach theme within a courtyard, complete with sand and fire pit. Cal’s is known for their large tequila selection. Those in the know will steer away from the typical favorites such as the Don Julio to venture a taste some of the lesser known top shelf selections. If you are looking for some direction, try the Herradura Ultra Anjeo or the Lapis Blanco.

Single rooms are available, as well as bunk house style rooms. In all, Coyote Cal’s can sleep up to 70 people. There is nearly always open space, so reservations are not required, but of course recommended, especially if you would like private room.

Looking for a different kind of experience, something a little closer to nature? There is camping space too. The sandy beach area lets you look up at the palm trees while listening to the rhythm of the waves.

Coyote Cal’s has become a mecca for motorcyclists and off roaders. You are always likely to run into someone else to share stories with or quiz about Baja routes. We first started bringing groups here about 10 years ago for the Baja Beach Bash. Each year Cal’s hosts a number of large groups such as the Beach Bash, Rip To Cabo and others. Rick even keeps a supply of motorcycle parts and fuel on hand.

If you are looking for something else to do, there is fishing, surfing and kayaking to be experienced. Coyote Cal’s can set you up for any of these fun activities. I never seem to get beyond motorcycling; there is so much of it to do just in the local area. Of course this is one of the very best areas along the northern Baja Pacific Coast to just spend a day relaxing and doing a whole lot of nothing. For venturing out of Southern California, this is a great place to spend your first night in Baja.

How To:

Coyote Cal’s located just north of Erendira

From Ensenada drive south approximately 45 miles on Highway 1, take the paved right turn to Erendira, continue through town until road turns to dirt, follow signs about 3 more miles.

 For a more adventurous dirt route, go west from Santo Tomas to the coast then south along coastline road about 8 miles to reach Cal’s.

For more info visit Coyote Cal’s



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