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Your grips are a small part of your bike, but they’re a big part of how you interface with it; new grips can cut bar vibration, reduce hand and wrist fatigue, and give your bike a fresh new look. They can sometimes be a little tricky to install though, so watch our video and check out how the pros do it!

New grips aren’t just a fun, low-cost way to freshen up your bike’s look; they can make a huge difference in handlebar vibration and hand fatigue, and can really enhance your throttle control too. Whether you have those lousy OEM grips still on your bike, or are still riding on a set of beat-up worn grips that have lost their edge, swapping on a new set of grips is one of the most fun and easy ways to update your ride.

But getting old grips off and new ones on isn’t always a piece of cake. Sure, you can just slice old grips off and toss them in the trash, but what if you want to reuse them? And when it comes to putting new ones on, how do you install grips with aluminum rings like the Driven D-Axis grips or the Grab-On Deluxe Motorcycle Grips? We answer those questions in this quick video about how to change your motorcycle grips.

As you’ll see it’s easy to do – as long as you have the right tricks up your sleeve!

If you have any questions about the products in this video, call one of our friendly sales reps at (888) 339-3888 and they’ll help you out, or you can simply come to our site and use our LiveChat (you know, if you’re shopping for bike parts at work or something…which we know you wouldn’t do…)

What are your tricks for removing or installing motorcycle grips? Leave them in the comments below!




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