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Hi, I’m Steve Matthes. Welcome to Transworld Motorcross How-To’s presented by BikeBandit. Hi, I’m Steve Matthes. Welcome to Transworld Motorcross How-To’s presented by BikeBandit. Our How-To this week is going to be how to change the packing in your silencer. With four-strokes coming more and more on the scene, you’re gonna notice that you’re gonna need more packing than you usually did in the two-stroke days. And a well-packed silencer will help you with horsepower, will help with throttle response. And there’s a little bit different ways of doing it, some people just stuff it all back in there, some people wind it too tight, it really does matter. And on this week I’m going to show you how to do it.

Take your side panel off, remove your sulfate [SP] bolt, remove this bolt up here. Now, a lot of times if you haven’t done it in a while and your bike has some hours on it, it will be a little fuse to the header. Just get a rubber mallet and tap it a little bit and it should come off pretty easy. Now, for this repacking, we’re going to use the FMF four-stroke high-performance muffler packing kit, sell it at bikebandit.com really easy, they include everything you need to change it yourself, it’s quite a bit easier than using some of the other things out there, and they give you everything you need.

What I’ve done on this muffler, FMF muffler is it has the screws to take it off really easy. If you have the muffler that needs a rivet you’re going to have drill it out, find the right rivet size and redo it. It’s a little more of a hassle but again, it’s important to do. So just look for either a screw or rivet and get busy on that. Now, once I’ve removed the brackets and the screws it’s ready to come off but this being used a little bit, sometimes needs a little bit of convincing to come along. This pack is not too bad, it’s a little burnt up but it certainly may be it could last a little longer but for the purposes of this test we will re-packet, So there you go you pull that off this is a steel wool and down in here along with the wider screen this is the real key to protect your packing. This prevents the heat from a four-stroke from reaching the actual packing so, this is very important.

All right, so I’ve taken this…this one’s a pretty new muffler but I’ve taken this insulation out. You can wire brush your actual core this one’s in good shape so I didn’t really need to do that too much but you should probably think about doing that. And basically slide it back over. Remember what I was saying too about this being really important, this is your heat sleeve for your muffler. So, just be careful on that. There we go. Take your new packing that [inaudile 00:03:37] supplied you with and what you want to do is basically roll it on. Basically, like a giant burrito. Roll it on like so and it’s a pretty extreme amount, make sure you stick it down into the core, very important you get the whole core done and wrapped up. And what you can do is once you get it down to where you like it, simply grab some tape like so and you can tape it to make a little easier to work with.

All right, so we’ve got the pillow stuff everywhere we can, we’re right at the end on here. I’ve put some masking tape around it to hold the pillow and now we will put it back into the can. This part takes a little tricky, it’s like putting some toothpaste back in the tube but you just work at it. Some people use a long screwdriver as well and you just basically work it around and push the new packing in but be careful, don’t push it too much without feeding it properly otherwise you’ll punch it all up at the end. So, you have to take your time and just slowly work it in. All right, we’ve installed the packing and as well included in the kit is the FMF high temp silicone. I cleaned the old stuff off and put it all inside so it’s got fresh silicone for a nice fresh seal against the heat.

And what you going to do is just line it up a little bit here and there and you’re back ready for you brackets. Now, if you have rivets and you’re installing your rivets obviously you’re fine that way but I highly suggest on these bolts to put some blue Loctite in. Just a dab of blue Loctite on each one and screw them into the muffler. Now, it takes a bit of time to install the muffler correctly with the right packing. So just be patient, sometimes it takes longer than usual. There you go, one freshly packed FMF muffler that equals horsepower, folks. There you go bolted on and you’re ready to go. My name is Steve Matthes, this has been Transworld Motorcross’ How-To presented by BikeBandit.

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