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I have been testing the Moose Hybrid Peg with the 1/2″ offset on our 2018 KTM 350XC-F project bike. My goal is to lower and move back the peg position because my knees are cramped with the stock KTM pegs.

Moose Hybrid Footpegs with 1/2″ Offset

Product testing on 2018 KTM 350xc-f in Baja

Here is my video review

The Good:

  • Wide platform
  • Good grip, feel
  • Sturdy construction

The Bad:

      • Not as far offset as advertised
      • Outside cleats seem far too tall and sharp, need modified
      • Heavier than OEM KTM pegs

There are available for all full size KTM’s. 2017 and newer models are a new design. The old style KTM pegs fit all full size models back to 1991.

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