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Using the power of lithium-ion batteries, you can carry around enough power to jump start a car several times…in a package small enough to put in a cargo pocket! Hard to believe? We thought so too – so we put them to the test. Check out the video and see how they work for yourself!

A huge part of being a motorcycle rider is having an adventurous spirit; but being adventurous doesn’t have to mean being reckless. In fact, seasoned motorcyclists are some of the most prepared people on the road. Real riders know: if you’re gonna be wandering the globe on two wheels, you’ve got to be prepared for just about anything.

Of all the things you need to have out there, power is among the most important. We’ve all been stuck out on the road with a dead GPS, dead cell phone, or worst of all, a dead bike battery on our hands, and it isn’t any fun. At best, being caught without power can throw a wrench in your day; at worst, it can actually put you in danger.

But that’s exactly where these badass little power packs come in. Harnessing the awesome power of modern lithium-ion batteries, these things allow you to pack enough juice to charge your phone, laptop, and even jump start a car, in your pack, saddlebag, or trunk. They have multiple power outputs; 5V USB, 12V, 19V, and jumper cables, and come with a wide array of adapters for all sorts of devices. They’re compact, light, incredibly useful, and most of all, affordable!

But as fascinated as we were by these things here at BikeBandit, we had to know if they really worked the way they said they would. Just like you, we’re skeptical of products that claim to do unbelievable things, and we want to make sure we’re always giving accurate information to our customers about what we sell. So we did what we had to do – we put them to the test!

So check out the video to see them in action. We’ll tell you all about these three feature-packed personal power supplies, and see why we recommend that every rider carry one with them in their bike if they can. Heck, they’d actually be great to carry with you in your car too, and they’re also a great gift for any friends or loved ones to make sure they always have enough juice to get out of a jam. Everyone should have one of these!

Lithium Battery Personal Power Supplies

Check out these three personal power supplies; from an under-$100 one that can charge your phone, laptop, and start your bike, to a $150 beast that can start a row of dead cars, you’re sure to find the perfect one to add to your riding gear setup!

XP-1 Micro-Start Personal Power Supply by Antigravity – $151.95



  • A high-powered LED light with strobe function, 200 amp car jump starter, 5V USB port, 12V accessory port, and 19V laptop charging port
  • Includes carrying case with accessories for all sorts of electronic devices
  • LED light charge indicator
  • Can jump start several cars in a row without a recharge
  • Weighs only 12 oz!
  • See also: the smaller version, the Antigravity XP-3, for only $123.95


Back-Pack Power Supply by Ballistic Performance Components – $129.95



  • 5V USB output; 2 amps
  • 12V jump start; 200 amp current, 400 amp burst current
  • Built-in high-lumen LED flashlight with multiple lighting modes
  • 8 Amp/hours
  • Reaches a full charge in only 3 hours!


Lil Lightning RP-2X Jump Start Packk by Lil Lightning



  • The smallest jump starter we carry!
  • 12 Volt, 12000 mA-h lithium battery
  • 200 amp current, 400 amp burst current; can start a full-sized pickup!
  • Built-in high-lumen LED flashlight with SOS emergency flash mode
  • 5V USB port, with multiple device adapters
  • Ultra compact; weighs only 14 oz!

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